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28Nov, 20

Post-Thanksgiving Survival Guide 🙌 Whether you had a few friends over, stuck with your close family, cooked a traditional meal, or tried something new, I hope you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving celebration. After your long, food-induced nap, you may be feeling a bit of a turkey hangover, post-holiday drag, or general fog in your mind more »

26Nov, 20

Here’s Your Guide to Getting Outside this Winter Many people look forward to Winter when they get to light fires, dig out cozy clothes, make hot cocoa, and enjoy the holiday celebrations, but not everyone has this view. Others may experience seasonal depression, feel stressed about holidays, or spend these months longing for warmer weather. more »

19Nov, 20

Tips for Choosing a Healthy Protein Powder Anyone who has ever walked down the protein powder aisle of a grocery store has likely felt a little overwhelmed by all of the choices there are. Whether you’re someone who uses protein powder on a regular basis or are wondering if it is something you should incorporate more »

12Nov, 20

Thanksgiving Food Ideas 🦃🌱🙌😋 There’s no question that this year has been one for the history books. On global, national, and personal levels, it’s been challenging. BUT that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to be thankful for. Different can be good sometimes, and you shouldn’t write off this holiday season because of the months leading up more »

5Nov, 20

You don’t have to be a health or nutrition expert to know that eating vegetables is important. From your earliest of days, you were probably told to “eat your vegetables” at dinnertime and may have even been incentivized to do so. As an adult, you are likely still aware of the importance of getting enough more »

29Oct, 20

How would you rate your overall health, and how confident do you feel in your answer? If your answer’s rating or confidence level is low, you may want to consider keeping a health diary. You may think of a diary as a relic of the past, collecting dust from Middle School days when every page more »

8Oct, 20

Nutrition During Menopause: Tips for Balancing Hormones and Managing Symptoms If you’re a woman of mid-life age, the subject of menopause has likely been on your mind at some point. The bodily changes that occur during this time are often dreaded by most women due to the unwanted symptoms that often accompany it. Thankfully, what more »

1Oct, 20

10 Reasons to Improve Your Eating Habits Did anyone else ask “why” all the time as a child? Does anyone’s child ask “why” about every tiny thing? Anyone still asking, “why”? Why should I improve my eating habits? Life is fine just the way it is… Well, there are many, many reasons to eat a more »

24Sep, 20

It’s easy to separate habits into good and bad categories like everything is black and white. For example, drinking water is a good habit, and biting your nails is a bad habit.  But the truth is, habits can sit on a sliding scale dependent on our ability to control them. When a habit takes control more »

17Sep, 20

  “You can sleep when you’re dead.” This is a common excuse to forgo sleep in favor of working, an adventure, reading, or something else. Honestly, it’s not a bad sentiment, just an encouragement to live life to the fullest while you still have the chance. But, there’s a problem with this saying.  Poor sleep more »