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3Aug, 17
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Dark Leafy Greens Inflammation Weight Loss

At first you might write inflammation off as the possible culprit of your weight struggles or other health issues if you’re not in physical pain. But did you know that chronic inflammation may be silently wreaking havoc in your body without showing you obvious signs? Weight gain, acne, eczema and fatigue are all associated to inflammation in the body, while stress, eating fried foods, poor nutrition and lack of sleep and proper exercise can all trigger inflammation further. Here are some ways for you to tackle inflammation for weight loss and more energy!

Probiotic Foods for Inflammation and Weight Loss

1. Consume Probiotic Rich Foods

Probiotics are the “good bacteria” that your gut needs to be in a state of balance and health. If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, Advil, or eaten a diet high in processed or fried foods; chances are, your gut could use some love! Eat foods like grass-fed greek yogurt, sauerkraut, kefir and kimchi on a frequent basis, and seek out a good probiotic to help support your gut health if you have digestive issues or are having trouble losing excess weight.

Inulin Fiber for Inflammation and Weight Loss
2. Eat More Inulin fiber

There are 3 types of fiber: soluble, insoluble and resistant starch. Inulin is said to absorb more water than any other type of fiber and help support healthy digestion and proper bowel movements. Inulin fiber has also been found to play the role of a prebiotic, which means it nourishes good “pre-existing” bacteria, while probiotics introduce new good bacteria to the body. There are countless health experts now recognizing the benefits of fiber are far greater than we had originally thought for our health. Fiber does not just help us poop! It nourishes our gut health, supports healthy bacteria in the body and acts as an inflammation fighter. Foods like asparagus, yams, onions & leeks, chicory root and bananas are sources of inulin fiber.

Inflammation Soothing Recipe3. Drink this Inflammation Soothing Water Recipe

Drinking water is one of the easiest yet most important things you can do for your overall health, and to lower inflammation levels and lose weight! Your body is made up in majority of water, and even starting your day without 2 cups of water can lead to becoming subtly dehydrated. Aim for 2 liters a day of fresh, clean water.

To amplify your efforts (and enhance the experience) try this inflammation soothing water recipe: 

  • 1 liter of water
  • 4 slices of cucumber
  • 1/2 lemon, juice only
  • 1 thumb size ginger, finely sliced
  • 3-4 leaves of basil or mint (or both)

Instructions: Chill in a jar, jug or to-go water bottle and drink two throughout the day.

Fast Food and Weight Gain4. Cut out Inflammation Boosting Foods

Food matters big time when it comes to inflammation because it’s often the number one cause of inflammation to start with. It’s truly incredible how much we can positively shift our health in the right direction by making healthy shifts in our diet. Foods like turmeric, ginger, cherries, leafy greens and omega 3’s are all inflammation reducing foods. Here’s a list of 7 Foods that Trigger Inflammation and What to Choose Instead. 

Grilled Chicken Bruschetta
5. Eat Clean!

Clean Eating is the surest pathway to success. I’ve watched thousands of women lose weight, lower their inflammation and improve their lives by simply changing what they eat. Through the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I’ve made it super simple for you to make the shift by creating step-by-step meal plans and guides along with building an incredibly supportive private community for members who are going through the process together. 

Sugar Addiction
6. Ditch the Sugar

Sugar, it’s an addictive drug that almost all of us struggle with! It’s easier said than done to just “ditch the sugar” if your gut is out of balance. Bad bacteria and yeast LOVE feeding on sugar and will cause horrible cravings that make it feel almost possible to resist. Karen successfully overcame her sugar cravings by taking the Clean Eating Challenge. If you’re really stuck, I hope you’ll join us and take the challenge, and here’s 7 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings for Good!

Exercise and body motion
7. Aim for 30 Minutes of Daily Movement

Moving your body daily, even if it’s just for a walk helps your body fight inflammation, shed weight, and feel better. Movement boosts all those feel good hormones and chemicals in the body that can subtly raise your energy levels and give you the motivation you need to create more time for exercise in your life. You don’t have to take on cross-fit to benefit, in fact just a brisk walk in nature or around your city will be beneficial. You can also find yoga videos and at-home workouts on YouTube and get your daily movement done in the privacy of your own home – even if the kids are with you! 

Bed and Sleep8. Sleep Smarter

“You will perform better, make better decisions, and have a better body when you get the sleep you require”, says Shawn Stevenson; a sleep expert and the Author of the book Sleep Smarter. And he’s completely right, sleep is an essential ingredient to a fit, healthy and balanced body. Without proper sleep, all of your efforts will be minimized. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and keep a dark, cool environment to sleep in.When you’re not sleeping well, your cortisol levels rise and this leads to inflammation and weight gain. Dr. Mark Hyman suggests people avoid eating 3 hours before bed and to try herbal teas or remedies to support better sleep.

30 day clean eating challenge





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