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9Oct, 22

Festive Pumpkin Pie Tarts 🍁🍁🍁 These were such a FUN baking project last weekend with my daughter! They turned out so darn cute and even more importantly they are totally DELICIOUS! Absolutely worth the effort and they now have a permanent spot on my annual fall baking list! I used fresh homemade pureed pumpkin (recipe Read More!

7Oct, 22

Melty Eggplant Rolls 🍆🍆🍆 Looking for a special dish to make this weekend? Our Melty Eggplant Rolls are a tiny bit more involved than our typical recipes but it’s really GOOD and SO WORTH it! Once you make this – you’ll be asked to make it over and over! Comfort food at its best! Hot, Read More!

5Oct, 22

Cheesy Enchilada-Style Meatballs Add these saucy, melty, flavor-packed enchilada-style meatballs to your menu this week! They are absolutely incredible! Excellent game day party food, but equally great for family dinner or meal prep. They are cozy and warm, with just the right amount of melty cheese. All the things we’re currently craving as the weather Read More!

2Oct, 22

Creamy Mushroom Soup 🍄 Our creamy mushroom soup is rich tasting and super cozy! Slightly earthy, and extra comforting flavors thanks to the fun guys! (Fungi) ahem. Try using a combination of several different mushrooms for a bit more depth (and nutrients!). This can be made dairy free by using unsweetened coconut milk, OR you Read More!

1Oct, 22

Lemon Parmesan Salad 🍋🥬🥑 Crispy Romaine + Creamy Avocado + Fresh Lemon Olive Oil Dressing = Simply Perfection 💯 Whoever said “Simple is Best” was talking about THIS lemon parm salad for sure! It’s such a simple one, yet it’s also super tasty! The crisp fresh Romaine, combined with the buttery avocado, a sprinkle of Read More!

28Sep, 22

Mediterranean Inspired Burger Bowls We’ve got fresh Mediterranean flavors piled upon more flavors happening here for you today! First, the turkey burgers are filled with fresh herbs, feta, grated onions, and garlic…they are so incredibly delicious that they could be eaten all by themselves…but we’re not finished YET! Second, we’ve chosen fresh veggies to add Read More!

26Sep, 22

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oat Cups 🥜🍫 This PB + Chocolate combo combined with the chewy texture of the oatmeal crust is absolutely delicious and satisfyingly GOOD for pb + chocolate lovers. Such a cute lil’ homemade wholesome treat that delivers big time on flavor and overall satisfaction when you’re craving something sweet! This is a Read More!