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28Feb, 22

Mediterranean Inspired Chopped Salad Keeping things SUPER SIMPLE today because SIMPLE is usually best! We LOVE chopped veggie salads at our house. That’s probably pretty obvious because we sure have a lot of them here on the CFC website. This Mediterranean Inspired version is completely Dairy-Free and PACKED with fresh veggies. Nothing complicated at all Read More!

12Feb, 22

Rachel’s Green Lentil Salad Isn’t she GORGEOUS?!! 😍 This Green Lentil Salad is one you’ll be making again and again! Goes GREAT alongside fish or seafood. Excellent with some BBQ meat of some sort. We had this salad for dinner with BBQ bone-in chicken breasts that were marinated in fresh lemon juice, garlic, and herbs…OH Read More!

19Jan, 22

Veggie-Packed Chicken Salad in a Jar Super Tasty Veggie-Packed Chicken Salad stays fresh in your fridge, ready for a quick lunchtime break whenever YOU are! ➡️ Why glass canning jars for salads? Because they stay fresher this way! As long as you build them in the proper order (very important!) Then you’ll have tasty grab-n-go Read More!

31Dec, 21

Thai Inspired Salad One of my personal New Year Goals is MORE daily vegetables (especially cruciferous like cabbage). Yours too?! In true CFC style, we’re going to accomplish this in the TASTIEST way possible! I absolutely crave this salad (yes thanks to the dressing, craving cabbage is now a thing) So I hope you love Read More!

6Dec, 21

Fresh Chopped Veggie + Bean Salad 🌶️🍅🥑 We’re obsessed with chopped veggie salads. That’s pretty obvious because there are a lot of them here on the CFC website. If you’re looking for a simple dish to bring to that get-together or party that’ll delight the taste buds: this is a really GOOD one! 🔪 Do Read More!

16Oct, 21

Layered Sweet Potato Salad A GORGEOUS make-ahead salad for entertaining! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, but it’s super convenient to serve guests. To assemble your layered salad, use a clear glass bowl with straight sides as shown to create this gorgeous layered look. There’s no doubt we first eat with our eyes! Bright layers just Read More!

11Oct, 21

Loaded Sweet Potato Salad 🍠🌱🧄 This Salad is SO GOOD one (or two or three) days later cold straight out of the fridge. Packed with all the goodies (and loads of nutrients!) A Super Tasty way to get your serving of sweet potatoes in! Sweet Potatoes and Yams are something we eat A LOT of Read More!

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