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20Mar, 19

{NEW} Mango Salsa Chicken Bowls 🌴 Raise your hand if you’re dreaming about long SUN-shiny days of Summer?! 🙋‍♀️ ME. Since we’re not quite there yet, and there’s no island vacations in my near future (hopefully there is in YOURS!), WE CAN make these bright Mango Salsa + Chicken Bowls. ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to brighten up our dinner-game, and more »

12Mar, 19

With SPRING right around the corner, fresh salads will be making their appearance around here A LOT more often. It’s time to wake up from our bundled-up winter hibernation, and re-energize our bodies with lots of FRESH foods! This vibrant lemon juice and lightly-salty-tangy-crunchy combination tossed with the kale and Brussels REALLY makes the salad more »

25Feb, 19

{NEW} Buffalo Chicken Salad 🔥🌱🌶 Where are our Buffalo Chicken lovers at?!! 🙋‍♀️ This salad is a FLAVOR EXPLOSION 💣 SIMPLE, SIMPLE prep too! “Made this for dinner tonight…oh boy…this is PHENOMENAL!” -KristenMakes about 4-5 servings Ingredients: 2 cups cooked shredded chicken breast 4 Tbsps all natural buffalo style sauce, (check the ingredients! Should only contain water, vinegar, more »

4Jan, 19

 New Year = Back to the Basics. What is it about the most SIMPLE ingredients, basic combinations, and EASY recipes that we often forget how DELICIOUS they can be?! Well, here’s a reminder! As much as I love exciting + creative new recipes…the majority of our meals are really very basic (but DELICIOUS) And I more »