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18Nov, 19

{NEW} Roasted Cauli N’ Cheese (Low Carb!) 🧀😍 We’re using that insanely versatile cruciferous vegetable; the cauliflower here…simply roasting it up, then tossing it in a quick homemade cheese sauce. Our end result is Creamy, and Delicious comfort food with WAY less carbohydrates than traditional cheesy Mac. Consider doubling up this recipe, and adding it to more »

11Nov, 19

 {NEW} CFC’s FAVORITE Homemade Five Bean Salad 🌱 Okay….This salad is completely ADDICTIVE with all its tangy flavors and textures. Our CFC Five Bean Salad is FABULOUS for parties, BBQ’S, and especially Holiday Celebrations (think: double/triple this recipe) because you can make it the day before, set it in the fridge…then simply pull it out and more »

10Nov, 19

{NEW} Garlic Herb Mushrooms 🌱🍄 For all of our CFC Mushroom LOVERS! 🙌 This dish makes for a VERY SIMPLE holiday side, so consider adding these Garlic Herb Mushrooms to your Thanksgiving and Christmas menu plans!Did you know: Mushrooms are known to have cancer-fighting properties. Mushrooms are also immunity-boosters, they can help lower cholesterol, they’re high in more »

30Oct, 19

{NEW} Garlic Lime Crockpot Brussels Sprouts 🌱🍋 Simple enough for weeknight dinner, yet ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS enough for entertaining throughout the holidays. I’m all about making life simpler! This is THE EASIEST recipe to get your Veggies on the dinner table while the oven is busy roasting something else (think THANKSGIVING or HOLIDAY entertaining space-saving/time-saving hack) I more »

12Oct, 19

{NEW} Teriyaki Green Beans 🌱 These Teriyaki Green Beans are VERY TASTY and excellent for a quick weeknight dinner side dish, or an addition to your weekly food prep meals, but also impressive enough to make for your holiday guests this upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas season. I served these alongside garlic chicken tenders and brown rice more »

28Sep, 19

{NEW} How To Make Homemade Ghee OK…Let’s Talk. You see “everyone” mentioning the use of “Ghee” aka clarified butter as a substitute for regular butter in many of our CFC recipes, but do you know why? Ghee is made by simply melting regular butter. The butter then separates into liquid fats and milk solids. Once more »