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18Jan, 19

Loaded Bacon Guacamole (YUM) 🥑🍅🥓 Guacamole is an absolute, must-have PARTY TIME staple…whether it’s the Super Bowl, Cinco de Mayo, or you’re just celebrating LIFE with a bunch of friends and family…Guac is a Crowd-pleaser! We upped your guac-game by adding BACON to this party-time classic! I used nitrate free bacon, and totally enjoy the heck more »

16Jan, 19

{NEW} Strawberry Coconut Butter 🍓🍓 If you’ve purchased coconut butter at the store…you know it’s pricey! Usually 10+ dollars for just a small jar! I’ve been making mine at home, from plain (no added sweetener), to chocolate (adding coconut oil + cacao powder) to berry varieties using fresh strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries! I enjoy my homemade more »