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6Sep, 19

 {NEW} Chocolate Chip Blender Banana Bread🍌 This Bread is SERIOUSLY DELIGHTFUL! The ingredients and method could not be simpler, which makes this an excellent weekday breakfast option. Add all of your ingredients into your blender, pour into a pan, and bake it up while you’re showering… you’ll then be beckoned back into your kitchen by more »

1Sep, 19

{NEW} Bacon-Wrapped Corn on The Cob 🥓🌽 Ok CRUSHers, hear me out on this one, OK? YES. It’s Bacon-Wrapped Corn, you guys! It might seem a little strange, but this combo is SO good. The bacon grease takes on the role of “buttering” your corn, and also helps it to roast up with lots of flavor! more »

22Jul, 19

{NEW} Mixed Berry Sorbet 🍓🍋🍇 Completely refreshing homemade Summertime treats! My FAVORITE type because..well…I have major control issues 😳… I like to control the quality of ingredients that go into my family’s food! You as well?! The thing is: Frozen Berries are super affordable, highly nutritious, already pre-washed, and often a big ole’ bag of organic berries more »

15Jul, 19

{NEW} Super Easy Homemade Refrigerator Pickles 🥒🥒🥒 There’s nothing quite like Fresh, Crisp Homemade Pickles! If you’re a pickle lover like me, then you gotta try making your own this Summer! I really like knowing what ingredients are actually going into my pickles, especially since the cucumbers soak up all of that stuff! Conventional cucumbers are more »