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1Jun, 21
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Meet Desiree, Who Lost Over 14 Pounds with CleanFoodCrush!

My name is Desiree, and I am a 38 yo mom of two. I own a pizza store and run it while my hubby works nights at a wind energy plant. Through the pandemic, we have been busier than ever (which I find myself very lucky for) and we have both worked a lot. In the brunt of it, I was doing 60 hours in store, then the extra stuff at home, online school with two kids, managing 30-35 employees, and trying to keep everyone sane and healthy.

We went camping and someone took a picture of me. When I saw it, I said YUCK! That picture is my driving force now. I cant wait to recreate it in 6 months or so!! I was at my heaviest ever- just a pound over being 9 months pregnant with my daughter. But I had her 10.5 years ago. Now that we have found our new “normal” I realized it was time to do something for me!

In the first week, I lost about 10 pounds, in the 30 day part I lost 14.6 pounds.

The structure of the Clean Eating Challenge is what helps me the most – I pack my bags for the day and feel good about the good stuff I am eating.

Im never starving but I have learned a lot! AND I dont feel bloated all the time. I still have a long way to go, but I am closer than I was a month ago.

It felt great when my hubby said “I can see the weight loss in your face!” He jokes about foods sometimes, but then is super supportive more of the time! I very rarely eat out now, but if I do, its well thought out and planned. I bring my own dressing and water with me to restaurants and try to keep things normal for my family.

My 10 yo daughter has loved making different things with me and she now realizes that just because it is healthy doesnt mean its gross. Her favorite is the brownie protein balls- she feels proud that she eats black beans! I dont have the huge mood swings, and I dont struggle with planning out food anymore. I still struggle with breakfast, but Im slowly getting there with new recipes and ideas. 

My two favorite recipes so far are the Blender Banana Muffins and Sesame Chicken Stir Fry – there is a lot of versatility there! Thank you CFC!

I was also one of the many who have tried and failed many of diets. I have stuck with this one for over a month now and cannot wait to see myself in 6 months. If you are considering Joining the Challenge, you need to JUST DO IT! Yes, the first week is hard, but nothing is easy at first!  By week two, I felt better educated and somewhat knew what I was doing.

I feel so much better prepared for my day now and it has helped organize my life. I might walk into to work with my work bag, my fridge bag, and my dry goods bag, but I am prepared. I don’t get the hard crashes or the intense hunger pains, and by having things prepared, I don’t have to think about what to make.

You will find yourself finding ways to do better with other aspects in life too. Is everyday perfect? No! Just last night, I brought in Crumbl Cookies for our staff. I wanted a nibble. That is all I went for and was done- my body said yuck and I didn’t crave that sugar that I once did before the Challenge (I would normally do 1 to 1.5 cookies because I couldn’t stop).

Your mentality changes along with your body. I was skeptical at first and my hubby joked a lot at first, but now he asks if I can have this or that. If he goes and eats out or grabs fast food, he asks if there is something that I can have and want. I make educated decisions and eat the good stuff.

You can do this- all you have to do is start at Week One, Day One 😃

– Desiree

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