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29Aug, 17
Cristy Lost Weight Eating Clean for 30 Days
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My name is Cristy Caldwell and I am 46 years old.

I’m excited to share my weight loss journey with you and how the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge helped my husband and I change our habits 🙂

I’m married and we have 6 children and 7 grandbabies and another one set to arrive this month! I am a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist so I have always taken care of others in one way or another, often neglecting myself along the way.

I have finally come to realize that I was giving much to others that I had nothing left for me, and that  I couldn’t continue down this destructive path. I smoked cigarettes for almost 30 years and my diet was an awful combination of fast food, vending machines, southern foods fried and/or covered with gravy, and tons of carbs and sugar which has always been my weakness.

I’ve wanted to be healthy and eat the way God intended for me to for years but I lacked knowledge and the desire to actually do something about it. Honestly I feel that deep down I felt so bad about how I looked, how I felt, and how I had let myself go that I felt I didn’t deserve a change.

Eat Clean Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

Praise God that He has set me free from that negative self destructive thinking and behavior. I decided that I was worth taking better care of myself and making healthy life changes.

I quit smoking cigarettes 3 years ago and my love for unhealthy foods worsened and I gained up to 275 pounds which is the heaviest I have ever been.

I started trying to educate myself looking for a healthy diet change that I could make and live with because of all the failures that I have had in the past. The many, many diets I have tried that while may have worked short term, aways ended with gaining the weight back along with newly found pounds.

Honey Lime Shrimp Grilled Corn Salad
Honey-Lime Shrimp + Grilled Corn Salad recipe

I saw the free recipes that Rachel offered on CleanFoodCrush and I started making small changes in our diet and realized that eating healthy could be delicious as well as satisfying.

I longed for more knowledge and decided to sign up for the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and I am so thankful that the Lord led us to this challenge.

The first week which is the sugar detox got a little tough because my body was detoxing from a lot of sugar and I felt bad a couple of days but praise the Lord, He helped me push on through and it was so worth it because I started feeling better and better and it hasn’t stopped!

Cristy Lost Weight Eating Clean for 30 Days

I lost 15.8 pounds and a total of 12.75″ over the 30 days and my husband lost 17 pounds! We are still losing weight weekly at a steady healthy pace but more importantly we feel better than we have in years.

I have included a before and after pic, the before pic I chose is one that my sister took from the side…talk about an eye opener.

We are getting healthier with every passing day and I am feeling better and improving my self image as I now can see how healthy I can be and I am motivated to continue on until I’m where I need to be. 

This challenge has made me aware for the first time in my life how my body feels Eating Clean, healthy foods and how my body feels when I don’t.

Self Love Weight Loss

 I would encourage anyone and everyone to try this challenge and open themselves up to this wonderful life style change that you can absolutely do it, and it’s so rewarding and sustainable.

Rachel shares her years of accumulated knowledge of eating clean and so many wonderful tasty recipes. The knowledge, support, and guidance of Billie Jo, Daisy, and the Facebook challenge community are so helpful and inspirational!

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and want to make lifestyle changes that you can live with then I encourage you to try this 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and see what a difference it will make in your lives. You can do it and you are worth it!!

30 day clean food diet challenge

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