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24Dec, 19
Clean Food Love

Hey there! I’m Kasey and this is my CleanFoodCrush update 🙂

It has been 11 months since my first 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge (and I’m feeling great!!).

I really used 2019 as a year to focus on my health, and that challenge is what really sparked that. Not only have I really focused on nutrition towards my self-care, but I really have tried to focus on my overall health and self-love by trying to be outside more and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air (I live in Florida).

Back in June I ran my first 5k and just ran my first half marathon earlier in December! Before this year, I always wanted to be a runner but never thought I could be, but here I am, end of 2019.. a runner! 

Clean Eating is what gave me a big boost of confidence and energy to start focusing on me! I was able to stay confident throughout this journey by always remembering something Rachel posts- you didn’t gain the weight overnight, you are not going to lose it overnight. This is so true!

Something that’s helped immensely is that I absolutely adore Rachel’s recipes. This isn’t a hard lifestyle to follow when you actually crave what’s on the menu 🙂

I love the black bean breakfast burrito! It is so easy and delicious. The one-pan chicken piccata is one of my favorite dinners. I like to add green beans to it – so yummy! 

Oh my gosh, my body has totally transformed this year. I felt utterly disgusted with myself this time last year. It was the heaviest I had ever been and was noticing cellulite in places I had never had it. I had little energy and felt very sluggish.

No longer!! I am so comfortable in my own skin now (which is something I never thought I’d say!). I’m complimenting myself instead of always bringing myself down with negativity. It feels awesome! Almost all of my cellulite is gone, I have a ton of energy, and I am feeling really really good. I recently took my ‘end of year’ photos and I couldn’t believe the difference I made in one year! I am very happy. I have lost 23 pounds! 

I love that this lifestyle is totally doable. I vacation a lot – previously, I’d feel so defeated before and after vacation because ‘I failed my diet.’ Clean Eating is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. I have found healthy alternatives to junk food I used to eat. I still indulge on vacations, but I make healthier decisions overall, and can get back on board pretty quickly with the help of my accountability partners – we have a group chat and text each other pretty often for support which feels awesome!

I wish that people knew that Clean Eating really does work! I routinely did orange theory last year with no weight loss and my clothes didn’t fit any better. I did the January challenge with CleanFoodCrush and had already lost belly fat without working out one single day!

Clean Eating WORKS! I also wish that people knew it is pretty simple. Read the ingredients, if real food is listed, you can eat it. If not, skip that item. Eventually, you’ll figure out your staple items and grocery shopping will be a breeze!

I highly recommend CleanFoodCrush! Nowhere else do you get the support that CleanFoodCrush provides. I love scrolling through facebook and seeing vibrant healthy foods and seeing other crusher’s progress. It is inspiring! I am so happy that I have been able to share my story and hopefully inspire and motivate someone else. Join a 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge! I did it as a Christmas present to myself last year and dedicated 2019 to a year focused on self-love. You will NOT regret it. 

PS: take before pictures!! You have to! It is such a great feeling watching your progress throughout the year. Happy crushing!

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