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26Dec, 23
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A Journey to Wellness: Liz Lost 12 lbs with CleanFoodCrush

Today we are wrapping up the year with an amazing transformation story.

Meet Liz who lost 12 lbs and 25 inches from the November 2023  CleanFoodCrush 30-day Clean Eating Challenge.


Hello there! My name is Liz, and I’m here to share my incredible journey with you. I’m a 56-year-old proud mom of two adult children, happily married, and I work at NASA. But that’s not all there is to me.

My true passion lies in group exercise. I’m a certified group exercise instructor, and I love teaching classes at my church. When I’m not sweating it out in the gym, I enjoy relaxing at the movies. But what really changed my life was CleanFoodCrush and the 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge.

Love My Daily Workouts!

My journey with CleanFoodCrush began in 2017 when a dear friend introduced me to the website. Little did I know that this introduction would mark the beginning of a transformational chapter in my life. To date, I’ve lost an incredible 41 pounds and 30 inches, and I’m here to tell you how the CleanFoodCrush 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge made it all possible.

This is me before CleanFoodCrush

One of my greatest obstacles in my weight loss journey was my love for dining out. I’m a food enthusiast, and when I go out to eat, I never wanted to restrict myself.

But CleanFoodCrush changed the way I think about food. It’s not just about indulgence; it’s about fueling your body.

I’ve learned that it’s okay to enjoy desserts occasionally, but the key is to get right back to clean eating the next day.

When I first started with CleanFoodCrush, I faced a major challenge – meal preparation. I used to spend nearly 7 hours preparing meals, and it left me tired and weary.

The recipes had so many ingredients and detailed instructions, including cutting and dicing vegetables. I was trying to prepare meals for the whole week in advance because I didn’t want to be stuck in the kitchen every 2 to 3 days.

It was a daunting task, but I was determined to make it work.

Over time, I developed a strategy that worked for me – mini meal preps.

I became faster, more organized, and grew accustomed to the recipes.

I now have all the ingredients I need in my pantry and fridge, making meal preparation a breeze.

It was a significant shift that made CleanFoodCrush an even more manageable part of my life.

However, life threw me another curveball when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news was devastating, and I found myself reverting to my old eating habits. After surgery in 2020, it took me about a year to reset and regain control of my health.

Loving this lifestyle

That’s when I turned back to CleanFoodCrush. It was my lifeline during that difficult period.

Now, I want to encourage you to join this incredible program.

🎉After joining the November 2023 Challenge, I’ve experienced remarkable results, losing 12 pounds and 25 inches in just four weeks.🎉

🎉It was a moment of pure ecstasy for me.

What’s amazing about CleanFoodCrush is that you can eat five times a day and still burn fat.

It’s not about starvation; it’s about nourishing your body with the right foods.

As a result of my journey with CleanFoodCrush, I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my overall well-being.

I can effortlessly go up and down the stairs
⭐My energy levels are through the roof
⭐I’m a happier, healthier version of myself.
⭐I’m also continuing to inspire and help others achieve their fitness goals through group exercise.

CleanFoodCrush has truly changed my life, and I can’t help but encourage others to embark on this transformative journey as well.

Hiking is one of my favorite activities

Now, let’s talk about something I absolutely love for a moment! – pancakes!

Can you believe that CleanFoodCrush allows me to enjoy pancakes without worrying about gaining weight?

One of my all-time favorites is the “Simple & Clean Chocolate Chip Protein Pancakes.

They are a delightful treat that satisfies my cravings without derailing my progress.

CleanFoodCrush has a vast selection of recipes that have become staples in my kitchen.

Some of my other favorites include:

❤️Crock Pot Mexican Casserole,

❤️Burrito Stuffed Peppers, and

❤️Chicken Sausage + Kale + Red Potato Soup.

These dishes are not only delicious but also aligned with my health and wellness goals.

If you’re considering joining CleanFoodCrush Challenge, my advice is simple: pace yourself. Every journey is unique, and there’s victory waiting for you on the other side.

Plus, the CleanFoodCrush community is here to support you every step of the way.

There’s a dedicated team always ready to assist and answer questions, and you’ll find camaraderie and encouragement on the CFC Facebook groups.

CleanFoodCrush and the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge has been the catalyst for my incredible transformation.

I’ve shed pounds and inches, rediscovered my love for clean eating, and embraced a healthier lifestyle.

This is me Today!!!!

I’ve also discovered that enjoying pancakes and other delicious dishes can be guilt-free with the right recipes.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this remarkable journey to wellness with CleanFoodCrush, you’ll achieve your health and fitness goals.

Remember, you can do it, and the CleanFoodCrush community is here to support you every step of the way.

❤️ Liz S

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped Liz Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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