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18Dec, 17
Laurie's Before and After Clean Eating
Clean Food Love

CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Transformation Story
Hi, my name is Laurie, and I am 45 years old.

I’ve lost 27 pounds, 22 inches, and 3 sizes over the last 6 months with the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and I feel confident that I will continue to reach my goals. This is my story – I hope it encourages you to keep going!

My husband Chris and I have 3 teenagers that keep us pretty busy.  I teach part time at a local university, and I love my job! In my free time I also LOVE playing tennis…I decided to learn something new when I turned 40 and now I play on several local teams.  You never know when you are going to find something new to be passionate about! For example, Clean Eating! 

Before I began the Clean Food Crush 30 Day Challenge, I was feeling absolutely miserable. I was unhappy, had a ton of inflammation and pain, was exhausted all the time, and had a hard time sleeping.

My dad had passed away 2 years prior, and I had a hard time coping with this loss. I just started eating recklessly and feeding my feelings.  Before I knew it, I had gained a lot of weight and none of my clothes fit which  made it really hard for me to function at home and at work, and it was interfering with my ability to play tennis too.  

At work I would struggle just going up 3 flights of stairs and then be so out of breath at the top.  I knew I had to make some changes. For months I followed the Clean Food Crush Facebook page and was basically a spectator, reading others posts and checking out the recipes. I was very intrigued!

CleanFoodCrush Crock Pot Mexican CasseroleCrock Pot Mexican Casserole Recipe

I was drawn to the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge because it actually seemed like something I could manage and still enjoy eating! I felt like it was a food plan that was finally the answer to a sustainable way to eat and be healthy. Before I found the challenge, I was an all or nothing type eater, and it wasn’t a good way to live.

I made a decision to join the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge in May, and since then I have not gone back to how I used to eat before.

The recipes are fantastic and the food prep tips are tremendously helpful.  It’s amazing how simply being prepared and having delicious healthy foods always ready to go is really a complete game changer.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge
It was also very important to me to become stronger and more fit so I could do the things I wanted to do, like:

  • climb stairs without being out of breath
  • keep up with my busy family
  • being able to play tennis pain free.  

I was tired of being overweight and out of shape! My trainer Cher, is the perfect fit for me and she helps me by supporting not only my fitness goals, but my nutritional goals as well.  She also embraces the Clean Eating lifestyle and trains with a comprehensive approach.  Having a nutrition plan and fitness plan was the match I was looking for, and my life has dramatically changed for the better.

The results have been more than I could have hoped for…my weight loss has been steady and consistent.  No more ups and downs!  

  • No dramatic gains or losses. Eating and exercising in a healthy consistent way has been critical to my success.  And the plan is so doable and the food is real food! Nourishing and delicious! I love variety so having so many recipes to try and choose from is fun for me. I printed out all of the challenge recipes and keep them handy in a binder.
  • My energy level has improved dramatically.
  • I feel great!
  • I am not having any inflammation or pain.  
  • I can breeze up those 3 flights of stairs at work now, and am enjoying tennis again.  
  • I am sleeping better too.  
  • My body is stronger and I am reshaping my body with muscle tone.  

Lauries Clean Eating Challenge Story

To date I’ve lost 27 pounds, 22 inches, and 3 sizes over the last 6 months, and I feel confident that I will continue to reach my goals.  

Joining the CleanFood Crush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge was a turning point for me.  It gave me many tools to set myself up for success. Not only were excellent recipes or the valuable meal planning and prepping tips a huge factor in my success, but a community of supporters that I could always count on made a world of difference!

I probably read more than I posted, but I learned so much from everyone. I received  so many great tips on where to find clean food items and handy kitchen tools, food prep photos, inspirational stories.

Knowing I could ask any question and have it answered for you by the fabulous CleanFoodCrush team (these ladies are fabulous)! I never felt alone in my journey, and it motivated me to keep going.  As soon as my 30 days were nearing an end, I joined for the year.  I knew having this continued support was what I needed.  I knew if I made mistakes, I could dust myself off and keep going with what I now know works.

Clean Eating Oatmeal Protein PancakesOatmeal Protein Pancakes Recipe

My family has enjoyed our new healthy menu, especially the overnight oatmeal, blender muffins and the oatmeal protein pancakes! Everyone LOVES them. Everything tastes so good that my family willingly tries whatever I make. We just tried the Crockpot Melty Italian Chicken recipe yesterday, and it was a big hit. I think by having me take this journey that they are learning more and more about living a clean healthy lifestyle.  

I would tell anyone new to CleanFoodCrush or anyone considering the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge that it is a decision you will not regret. I started out by making easy substitutions, like replacing my old pancake recipe for the oatmeal protein pancakes.  At first it can be overwhelming, so just finding a few staple recipes you like and can swap out with your old ones is great.  Before you know it, you will have a new routine and a new way of eating that you will love.

I didn’t experience any dramatic weight loss in the beginning, and I got discouraged. If that happens to you too, reach out to the group and they will lift you up.  I was reminded to check my measurements and was so glad I did – I was losing inches even when I wasn’t losing pounds! 
I knew I was looking for a way of life and not a quick fix, so I made a decision that I was just going to keep going.

Success can be measured in so many ways, not just on a scale. It’s how you feel, how much energy you have, how your clothes fit, etc. Be patient with yourself and your body. A happier, healthier you is just around the corner!

Clean Eating Challenge

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