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12Sep, 19
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Hey, friend 🙂 Now that we’re back to school and work in full-swing, I’m thinking about all of the little ways I help my family stay organized and well-fed.

If you’ve been here for a while, you probably already know the importance of planning ahead and being prepared!

My mission is to support you in making the transition to a Clean Eating lifestyle easy and FUN! Here are my 🗓️9 Awesome Sunday Hacks for a Better Week!


1. 🍽️ Meal Prep. Setting your meal plan for the week will save you time and stress, plus it will keep you on track! Try this recipe for one-sheet pan chicken 4 ways.

2. 📆 Schedule things in your planner. Fill out your day planner/ agenda with important activities and non-negotiables.

3. 🗑️Declutter your surroundings. Clean your kitchen/fridge/house and get organized so you can start the week with a clean slate. Take a peek inside my fridge and how I get my family organized for a busy week!

4. 🏞️ Get Outdoors. Take a walk or get outside and enjoy nature and release some of that stress.

5. ♀️ Make time for self-care. Take time for yourself – get a manicure, put on a face mask, take s bath, go to the driving range, or hit up your favorite shopping mall. Here is a recipe for my FAVORITE clay face mask!

6. 📞 Call someone and tell them how special they are to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

7.  ▶️Listen to your favorite audio-book or knock out of a few chapters in that book you’re reading. Take the time to nurture your spirit and feed your mind with positive thoughts and inspiration.

8. ♀️ Self-Reflect. Put an entry in your journal, revisit your monthly and yearly goals, check-in with a loved one and let them know how you’re doing or if there’s anything you’re struggling with.

9. ⛳🎾🤾‍♀️ Play. Bake something fun for the family, take some photographs, color or build a puzzle with the kids. Doing one of your favorite activities will help bring creativity back into your routine and reinvigorate you as you prepare for a productive week.

Try making these healthy no-bake chocolate chip cookies.

Which of these things do you do on Sundays?

What else could we add to the list?

Drop a comment below and let me know your favorite way to spend Sundays!

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