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8Oct, 21

Breakfast Quinoa Taco Bowls 🍅🌱🥑 Everyone is always looking for new breakfast ideas, as it seems that is one meal we get in a rut and lean towards our “usual”. These quinoa bowls are full of all the “taco-style” tasty goodies while also being packed with an impressive balance of macronutrients and micronutrients! While we Read More!

28Sep, 21

Creamy Apple + Pear Salad 🍎🍐🍎🍐 It’s the season for fresh crisp apples and pears. We love to support local orchards and farms by purchasing from their beautiful bounty throughout the fall. This means we often have A LOT of apples and if we’re lucky pears. We eat them fresh as fast as we possibly Read More!

14Aug, 21

Chicken Salad Grain Bowls These bowls are a happy surprise! One afternoon I wanted a quick lunch so I threw a bunch of random leftover ingredients together. I had cooked cold quinoa and leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, so I chopped up the chicken then added the remaining ingredients because that’s what I had Read More!

4Aug, 21

  Chickpea Chopped Salad We completely adore chopped veggie salads. That’s quite obvious because we sure have a lot of them here on the CFC website. If you’re looking for a simple dish to bring to that Get-together that’ll delight the taste buds: this is a good one. 🥒 When the produce is fresh, inexpensive, Read More!

30Jul, 21

7-Layer Dip Cups 🍅🌱🥑 These 7-layer Dip Cups are SO FUN to serve at any party, BBQ, potluck, or gathering. I LOVE 7 layer dip, and often make it for parties because most people seem to love it too…it always disappears fast! These personal serving cups are not only ADORABLE but also REALLY SMART if Read More!

22Jul, 21

6 Uses and Benefits of Raw Honey When trying to be healthier and eat clean, it may be tempting to avoid everything with sugar. While the intention behind this is good because sugar is mainly associated with processed drinks and desserts that can quickly become addictive, it’s not always accurate. Natural sugar exists in many Read More!