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1Dec, 21

QUICK Omelet in a Mug Morning time doesn’t get much easier than this! Absolutely NO REASON to skip breakfast. High protein first thing in the morning helps me to feel better and have fewer cravings all day long. I actually love these omelet mugs any time of the day! Excellent snack idea or sometimes even Read More!

16Oct, 21

Layered Sweet Potato Salad A GORGEOUS make-ahead salad for entertaining! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, but it’s super convenient to serve guests. To assemble your layered salad, use a clear glass bowl with straight sides as shown to create this gorgeous layered look. There’s no doubt we first eat with our eyes! Bright layers just Read More!

15Oct, 21

Healthier Turkey Swedish Meatballs We’ve had a lot of requests for Swedish Meatballs throughout the years – and I’ve finally created a recipe that I’m really happy with! Flavorful meatballs, creamy sauce, and ingredients you’ll feel REAL GOOD about feeding your family. I served these babies over cauliflower mash, but they would be great served Read More!

8Oct, 21

Breakfast Quinoa Taco Bowls 🍅🌱🥑 Everyone is always looking for new breakfast ideas, as it seems that is one meal we get in a rut and lean towards our “usual”. These quinoa bowls are full of all the “taco-style” tasty goodies while also being packed with an impressive balance of macronutrients and micronutrients! While we Read More!

28Sep, 21

Creamy Apple + Pear Salad 🍎🍐🍎🍐 It’s the season for fresh crisp apples and pears. We love to support local orchards and farms by purchasing from their beautiful bounty throughout the fall. This means we often have A LOT of apples and if we’re lucky pears. We eat them fresh as fast as we possibly Read More!