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26Apr, 22
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UPDATE: Rich Has Now Lost 58 Pounds!

Rich first shared his story with us in January, and he’s back to tell us about his continued results as he’s been following the CleanFoodCrush Challenge Plan.

I have been following CFC for close to 8 months now and am loving it. I started this journey at 315lbs. and am now down to 257lbs.

Because of the work I do, it is difficult to “follow” the plan but I’ve adapted it to work for me and my schedule. I am slowly losing weight but know if I followed the plan as recommended, I would lose a bit more quickly.

I have always been “fluffy” my whole life and have been on many a weight loss program only to fail. This is the only program that’s worked for me.

Rich is an active member of our Challenge group and always has something fun to share with us. You ROCK, Rich!

At my 6-month Dr. visit, he was amazed at the weight loss and blood work results. He asked what I’d done to lose the weight and I told him about CFC. He now passes that info to other patients.

Because of my weight loss, I now have close to 20 family, friends, and coworkers all doing the CFC Challenge and are seeing great results. That makes me feel great knowing that because of what I chose to do, others see the outcome and want to do it as well.

I have so much energy, I want to be outside hiking, walking, riding bike, just enjoying being able to do the things I couldn’t do before. I feel so much better overall. I got rid of all my 3X shirts and now fit comfortably into XL.

My favorite feature about the CFC Challenge is the support from staff. This group of people is amazing. A question is asked and within minutes, there is someone responding with advice or support if needed. The community is the same, all lending whatever support and guidance are needed. I have yet to come across a recipe that my family hasn’t liked and they are all quick to prepare.

It took becoming pre-diabetic to open my eyes and realize I was well on my way to a place I didn’t want to be. I wish I would have had a wake-up call much earlier in life. I’m finding I can lose weight and get healthy now, but it would have been much easier when I was younger.

My words of wisdom and encouragement to those thinking about changing their lifestyle, just do it. If you want to change yourself, you have to change what you do. First, do it for yourself, you deserve it. Second, do it for your family.

It is not any harder to eat healthily, you just have to change the way you think about food and the CFC Challenge makes it easy.

– Rich

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