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31Aug, 17
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Self Care Rituals

1. Take a few minutes to yourself

Even when you feel like it’s unreasonable to take a few minutes to yourself. Finding space to take a breather is so important for your well-being! All too often we place such high expectations upon ourselves and think we have to do it all for everyone all the time. You deserve “me time” too! Whether that means finding space to nap while the kiddos watch a show, or a friend takes them out for a walk – don’t neglect your need for quiet time. Even if you just take a few minutes to close your eyes and breath when the opportunity arises, seize the moment, you’ve earned it.

Clean Eating Shrimp Burrito Meal Prep Bowls

2. Make sure you’re fed

You’re busy preparing food, snacks or nursing all throughout the day – it can be challenging to feed yourself or find the time to eat! Food prepping is one of the BEST ways to ensure there’s always something quick, and Clean Eating approved accessible to you when hunger strikes. Try making these Shrimp Burrito Meal Prep Bowls this week!

Healthy Lemon Lime Water

3. Make sure you’re watered

Without proper hydration you might experience more cravings for sugar and salt, have heightened mood swings and feel less energized. Creating a system for yourself to stay watered throughout the day can make a big difference. Find a large water bottle and aim to drink at least 2 liters each day. Fresh, purified water is the best! You can also add a squeeze of lemon for added benefits such as liver detox and alkaline properties. Drinking enough water everyday helps your body stay in a healthier state, and can prevent burn-out from happening, along with eating a Clean diet.

Six Reasons Self Love Matters

4. Ask for support

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. You might find ways to share support duties with other moms in your neighborhood or a local group that can offer you all much needed respite time in those busy months. Your partner, close friends or family may be waiting for an opportunity to support you – so ask. Simple requests such as “I’m feeling really tired this week, I’d feel really supported if you could take the kids to the park for an hour on Monday after school” invite people close to you to offer support while also recognizing the positive impact it will have in your life. Another idea is finding a shared schedule where you can rotate one day per week where you take the kids, and a friend goes to yoga. Then next day, you switch. She takes the kids and YOU go to yoga! All busy moms know how difficult it is to leave the house, let alone make it to a fitness class 🙂

Self care for busy moms

5. Prioritize self-love

Remember, you’re a great mom and you’re doing the best you can. No one expects you to be perfect! Love yourself as you love your children – direct positive energy and words of affirmation to yourself and your own body. Little eyes and ears are watching you, and how you love yourself will also show them how to love themselves too. Using positive language to describe how you look, and honoring your own needs is not only a demonstration of self-love that will improve your life, but it will improve the lives of everyone around you. When we take good care of ourselves, we’re happier, and that in turn creates healthier relationships!

Girl handling flower to mom

6. Acknowledge yourself (you’re doing a great job!)

Notice the ways in which you may be too hard on yourself, and flip the script. You deserve to be acknowledged for all of the little (and big) things you do to support your family day in and day out. As a busy mom, you might rarely slow down to give yourself the care you need. If you’re a words of affirmation type person, this means you really feel fueled up when friends or family members verbally acknowledge you for what you’re doing to show them love. You can invite people closest to you to share more words of affirmation with you by saying things like “You know, I absolutely love taking care of you, and when you tell me how much it means to you, I feel so appreciated”. Or, “I love it when you give me words of appreciation!” Encouraging positive acknowledgement and appreciation is a wonderful way to create deeper bonds with one another. Words are like seeds, plant them with heart.

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