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22Oct, 14
Clean Food Love

Recently several “health coaches” began sending women messages in the CFC Facebook group…offering weight loss advice & help.

I usually keep quiet about this stuff, this one made me kinda mad.

I’m all for treats/balance/living life…BUT...

The advice that is being given is that diet coke, sugar-free Jello, (chemical filled junk) CAN, & SHOULD be consumed daily & is “free calories” to fill sweet cravings. 

Weight loss (always aside)…

I’d choose to have a fresh fruit smoothie full of nutrients and antioxidants than a can of nutrient void chemicals that destroys my insides.

Disease & Cancer are very real. 

Our life, health, & vitality should always be #1.

Instead looking at food as the enemy to be broken down into calories and stressed over, see it as fuel to nourish your body.

We are what we eat and when you’re healthy on the inside, you look good on the outside.

Our bodies are our most precious asset.

It provides the vehicle to do everything we desire in life.

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