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21Apr, 23
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Snickers Candy Bar Banana Pops

You’ll only need just a few simple ingredients to make these indulgent and utterly delicious whole-food frozen treats all summer long!

Are there any PB + Chocolate lovers hanging out around here? 🐒

Me!!! Me!!! 🙋‍♀️ One of my all-time FAVORITE combos!

What a FUN project to make with the kids this weekend!

These really do make for a great, wholesome, homemade treat to keep on hand while the kids are home all day throughout the summer!

Easy prep, SIMPLE clean-up, and NO HEATING up the oven! 🌡

Better yet…show the kids how to make these once, and then let them make their own!

Did you know that children are more likely to eat something they make themselves?! It’s so very true! I have 6 kids – so I’ve done the “scientific research” for you…ha-ha…but REALLY!

❤️🥜 ❤️🥜Who LOVES Peanut Butter!? 🙋‍♀️

Many Peanut Butter Varieties that are marked as “healthy” actually contain added sugars and hydrogenated oils. Be sure to always read the ingredients label.

We often “grind” our own nut butter at the grocery markets that offer this service.

This way, we know that it’s JUST raw peanuts and maybe a touch of sea salt in our nut butter.


Read more here.

🍫When Shopping for Chocolate:

Look for a higher percentage of cacao for the chocolate chips, and always read the ingredients.

There are always lots of questions about chocolate brands – I like to visit the specialty (nicer) chocolate section at the stores and find a really high quality, (often organic) dark chocolate bar on SALE – so I’m often trying something different because the sales dictate my purchase.

🍫A high-quality dark chocolate bar works great too! I’ll often find a beautiful organic dark chocolate bar on sale, then chop it up to melt for things like this.

I like to buy the highest quality I can find when it’s on SALE! I’m always keeping an eye out for a good deal and will often stock up when a high-quality product is on special.

Use any dark chocolate chips of your choice: the higher cacao percentage = more health benefits.

🍌Here’s a little mind-blowing banana fact for you:

Banana trees aren’t really trees. They’re an herb and a distant relative of ginger!

And like most herbs … bananas have some pretty amazing benefits.

First, they’re packed with potassium, which most of us don’t get enough of. (Great for healthy blood pressure, kidney function, and heart health.)

They’re also linked with better blood sugar control.

If they aren’t too ripe, they also have a good amount of insoluble fiber and resistant starch – which is a good-for-your-gut prebiotic. The more ripe a banana is, the lower its fiber content.

😋TIP: If you have a sweet tooth, snack on bananas instead of highly processed foods with added sugars.

Are bananas a staple in your home?! They sure are in mine!

Bananas are also typically more affordable per pound compared to many other foods.


4 servings


  • 2 large bananas
  • 8 Tbsps creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup chopped raw peanuts
  • 1/2 cup melted dark chocolate
  • flakey sea salt, to taste
  • wooden popsicle sticks


Line a sheet pan with parchment paper and create some space in your freezer to fit the whole pan later on.

Peel and slice your bananas in half, then again slice each half lengthwise as shown.

Arrange each banana piece cut-side up onto your prepared pan.

Spread peanut butter on half of the pieces.

Sprinkle the PB with the chopped peanuts. Gently press to adhere.

Gently but firmly press a wooden stick into half, enough to hold the pop once frozen as shown in the video. We want to create a popsicle type treat.

Sandwich each one with its other half of the banana.

Melt your chocolate:

Place a heat-proof bowl over a pot with boiling water. Make sure the water doesn’t touch the bottom of the bowl.

Add in the chocolate pieces and allow them to melt, stirring occasionally until smooth.

Alternatively, you can melt your chocolate chips in the microwave. Add them to a microwave-safe bowl and heat in 15-sec increments until the chocolate is fully melted, making sure you stir after each one.

Drizzle the top of each banana pop with your melted chocolate as desired.

Add a sprinkle of flaky sea salt, then freeze for about 30 minutes, or just until the pops are set enough to hold by the stick.

Don’t over-freeze, as the banana will get too hard to bite into and when thawed will become mushy.

Enjoy immediately!


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