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7Sep, 17
A Bottle of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
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Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of those affordable and unsuspecting health secrets that can become a household staple in your pantry and medicine cabinet!  ACV contains more than 90 different substances that benefit your health, like loads of potassium, calcium, magnesium, B vitamins, copper and bioflavonoids.  But do you realize all the many ways you can use it to benefit your health and life, every day?  Here are 20 ways you can use ACV daily for glowing health, inside and out!

1. Add it to your morning water.  We’ve covered the many health benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning, in 22 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily.  By adding at least a teaspoon of ACV, you can make your lemon water even healthier!  The ACV provides more vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as healthy probiotics.  If you like, you can also include a little honey or maple syrup to your lemon/vinegar water to offset some of the sour taste.

2. Burn fat.  By drinking ACV in your morning water, as well as including it in smoothies and everywhere else you can in your diet, you will be helping your body burn fat.  For weight loss, put 2 teaspoons in half a glass of water before each meal.  In addition to balancing your gut flora, it helps regulate stomach acid and stimulates the thyroid to work it’s best.   It also minimizes the absorption of processed carbs and sugars in the body.

3. Cure constipation.  As previously mentioned, ACV helps o regulate the healthy flora (bacteria) in your gut, and this helps greatly with gastrointestinal issues like constipation.

4. Regulate blood sugar.  Studies have shown that people with Type 2 diabetes who took two tablespoons of ACV before bed (can be taken in water) lowered blood sugar levels 4 to 6 percent by the next morning.  And those who drink ACV water before meals were able to increase insulin resistance by 34 percent.  

5. Cleanse and detoxify your organs.  ACV is clearly very cleansing and detoxifying for the body for the reasons listed above, and also because it helps to clean a fatty liver with the acetic acid it contains.  In ancient and modern medicine, a clean and properly functioning liver is central to good health.

6. Get glowing skin.  Drinking ACV water will make your skin glow, along with using it on your skin topically.  It will balance your skin by getting rid of bad bacteria and encouraging the good.  The natural acids in it will gently exfoliate and will lighten, brighten, and help to eliminate hyper-pigmentation and sun damage.  The best way to use it is to make a toner one part ACV and two parts water.   Add several drops of essential oils to it, like lavender or tea tree oil, for added skin benefits and a nice scent.

Natural Apple Cider Vinegar

7. Get rid of aches and pains.  Studies show that arthritis patients who take ACV daily have fewer aches and pains.  Along with its many nutrients, the acids in it help to break up substances in the muscles and joints that cause stiffness and aching.  It will decrease nerve pain, and post-workout soreness as well!

8. Minimize cramps.  The potassium and magnesium in ACV can really help to lessen the severity and pain of cramps including muscle cramps, intestinal cramps, and menstrual cramps.   

9. Strengthen your immune system.  Prevent viruses like the cold or flu by getting your daily dose of water with ACV.  It’s vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and balancing properties help boost the immune system against illness.  Potassium also helps keep our cells hydrated, and stops bacteria from drawing moisture from our system and making us sick and depleted.

10. Nourish your scalp and hair.  ACV is amazing to use on your scalp and hair with many great benefits, and works as both a shampoo and conditioner.  You can use it alone, with baking soda, or just mix some into your regular shampoo or conditioner.  It strips off build up on your hair, will quickly eliminate dandruff, and promotes the growth of thick, shiny, healthy hair.  

11. Treat nail fungus.  If you have nail fungus, one of the most effective things you can do is soak your feet nightly in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and white vinegar.  Make sure your nails are filed down flat, and then make a foot-bath of two parts white vinegar and one part ACV.  Soak your feet for a minimum of 15 minutes.  Follow with a rinse and the application of tea tree oil.  Last, coat feet in coconut oil and wrap in plastic.

Healthy Use of apple cider vinegar

12. Treat candida.  The acids in ACV help to shut off the candida growth gene.  Of course, to beat candida, you also need to stop eating processed foods like white sugar, bread and pasta.

13. Lower high blood pressure.  Drinking ACV water daily will help to normalize blood pressure.  The potassium and magnesium in ACV help to regulate and soothe the cardiovascular system, both improving blood pressure and easing any heart pain.

14. Make delicious salad dressings and marinades.  AVC makes a delicious base for a variety of salad dressings and marinades for meat or vegetables. Try this Broccoli + Crisp Apple Salad out! 

15. Improve digestion and nutrient absorption.  Acid like that found in ACV is needed to properly absorb protein, iron, calcium, minerals, B vitamins and most nutrients.  

16. Heal an iron deficiency.  Because of the reasons mentioned above, those who are iron deficient (anemic) should try to consume ACV with most of their meals, especially high-protein meals.

17. Make your pets healthier. ¬†Mix a little ACV into your pet’s food and water, and use it to bathe them to help control fleas, ticks, worms, and make their fur healthy and shiny.

Apple cider vinegar washing fruits and vegetables

18. Use it to wash non-organic fruits and veggies.  Fill a spray bottle with one part ACV and three parts filtered water.  Spray this mixture on your non-organic fruits and veggies and let it sit for 5-10 minutes.  Then rinse, and enjoy cleaner produce with less wax and/or pesticide residue.

19. Use as an insect repellent.  An effective insect repellent can be made with equal parts water, ACV, and specific essential oils that help to repel insects.

20. Get cleaner laundry.  ACV gets rid of odors, mold and stains in your laundry that other things can’t.  Fill your wash with hot water, and then add one cup of half ACV and half distilled water.  Also, putting a bowl of ACV in a room that smells like cigarette or cigar smoke, can help to neutralize those odors.


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