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16Dec, 21

CHRISTMAS RECIPES 🎄🎅😋 HAPPY HOLIDAYS, CRUSHERS! I love this season so much because it’s full of fun activities, intimate times with loved ones, and delicious foods. The possibilities for making great meals and even better memories are endless! If you’re looking for some easy breakfast meals, creative snacks and appetizers, impressive dinner recipes, or decadent Read More!

24Dec, 20

Christmas Tree Potato Pizzas 🎄 Just popping in here really quickly – in between wrapping presents, and peeking out the window continuously to see if that last gift that I ordered on Monday is going to show up..lol😅 I’m also making THESE cookie cutter pizzas with the kids 😍 They’re really FUN, and it’s one Read More!

23Dec, 20

Cucumber Christmas Trees🎄 We’re just over here playing with our food again! What are you up to today? Just a few more days until Christmas… Hope you make some time to enjoy a few simple pleasures this holiday season! These cucumber trees are really fun for the kids to assemble, so get them in the Read More!

21Dec, 20

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, CRUSHERS!!  Does anyone else feel like Christmas came out of nowhere? How is 2020 almost over?! (But also… how is it still 2020?)  But, here we are, in the middle of the holiday season! I hope you’re all making this an incredible week and are staying healthy. If you’re worried about staying on Read More!

5Jan, 22

Best Air-fried Green Beans Did you happen to get a new air fryer for Christmas? I’m hearing A LOT of our CFC Crushers, Challengers, and Community Members sure did (Thanks Santa!🎅), and now everyone is looking for good recipes! Veggies are seriously the BEST in an air fryer…they’re fighting for my favorite spot #1 that Read More!

23Dec, 21

Roasted Balsamic + Cheese Green Beans It’s Christmas Eve, Eve and to be completely honest my list of to-dos’ is still pretty large. It seems that no matter how early I try to get things accomplished, the more “things to do” seem to find me…haha…you too?! I’m going to make one last trip to venture Read More!

22Dec, 21

Rachel’s Holiday Slaw This stuff is totally addicting! Just really good slaw with a perfectly tangy & slightly sweet dressing. Loads of flavor and such a great way to keep our veggie servings up during the holidays! Serve alongside roast chicken, roast beef, or pulled pork or ribs. Really tasty alongside salmon too! Many health Read More!

18Nov, 21

Our BEST Holiday Appetizers! We are fully immersed in the holiday season, which means fun dinners, get-togethers, parties, and so much delicious food! With all the fun holidays approaching comes so many different ways to celebrate.  Whether you plan to enjoy Thanksgiving traditions, celebrate Hanukkah, partake in a cookie exchange or pot luck, go all Read More!