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25Mar, 22

Sweet Potato Pizza Snacks 🍕🍕🍕 You only need a few simple ingredients to make these totally DELECTABLE lil’ roasted sweet potato pizza snacks! If you have kids or teens at home, let me nudge you to get them in the kitchen with you this weekend to make these little pizza snacks! They’re great for kids Read More!

26Aug, 21

Tips for Mindful Snacking If you’re like most people, you probably snack fairly often. Since snacking can either benefit or interfere with your health, it is essential to know how to do it right.  Keep reading to learn why snacking can be a good thing, things to keep in mind when snacking, tips for snacking Read More!

11Jan, 20

Cranberry Crumble Bars A wintertime breakfast or snack idea that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE! Cranberries offer a considerable range of health benefits. They are a good source of many vitamins and antioxidants. Here’s 2 of our FAVORITE CFC homemade cranberry sauce recipes: CFC’s Festive Homemade Cranberry Sauce Homemade Low-Sugar Cranberry Sauce Makes 12 servings Ingredients: FOR Read More!

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