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5Jan, 21
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Meet Amy, An Annual Member Who Lost 25 Pounds With CleanFoodCrush!

I’m Amy. I live in Texas where I am a 47-year-old wife of 23 years, mom of a 21-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter, teacher, and newly added team member for CFC!  Fun these days is enjoying time with family, cooking new recipes, and reading when I can.

I’ve Participated in 8 Consecutive Challenges!

During My Time With CFC:

  • I’ve lost and maintained a 25 lb weight loss
  • Experience less pain
  • Have less inflammation and bloating
  • Gained better sleep
  • Have a greater mental focus, and energy

And all this from changing my eating and mindset – just wow!

I joined my first challenge at the end of May 2020.

I had been teaching remotely since March and just felt blah. After being part of the CleanFoodCrush Clean Eating Challenge on Facebook for a while and seeing all the wonderful recipes and uplifting messages, along with information on the 30 Day Challenge, I took the leap of faith out of the sheer hope I would find a way to eat healthy and feel better.

I knew I was getting more and more sensitive to foods over the years, but I didn’t know how to figure out what foods AND still eat.

The 30 Day Challenge was the answer I had been looking for.

Week 1 detox was a miracle – I lost 7 lbs and felt so much better! The hardest part was eating all the food because I didn’t eat enough before, but I did it! I was so thankful I had purchased a BOGO challenge, not knowing at the time how much I would truly need that second month.

Halfway into the second challenge, it was a no-brainer for me to become an annual member, as I was seeing results like crazy and loving every minute of my new lifestyle and the challenge groups! This is when the family started to see me differently and notice – I was a happy wife and mom! It’s funny how you don’t know how bad you truly feel until you feel good. 

My transformation definitely started from the inside. I was in a very bad car wreck 21 years ago pregnant with my son. It’s truly a miracle we survived. While outer injuries were minimal, my neck and shoulder injuries were there, however, mostly ignored because the health of my baby took precedence.  Over the years, arthritis, degenerative disc disease in my neck, lower back pain, joint pain – all mostly on my right side from the accident – have progressively gotten worse and cause all kinds of pain and inflammation. I have tried so many different doctors and basically “band-aids” trying to find some relief.

CleanFoodCrush Was My Life Saver!

All of this has either subsided substantially or gone away – AMAZING!

I can’t not continue with this change of lifestyle and journey! The results are too great to go back to the old me and all of the hurts and uncomfortableness. Losing the weight was definitely an extra bonus, and I am very pleased with where I am. I soak up all the informative articles Rachel shares as I want to learn as much as I can for myself and nutrition to be the best me I can be!

I used to say “I am not a cook!” However, with the easy and simple recipes, I have become one! Using real ingredients to cook is just therapy for me – planning, shopping, prepping – key to success! There are so many delicious recipes; some of my favorites are Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup and Honey Garlic Shrimp.

I believe in CleanFoodCrush Wholeheartedly!

It’s for anyone wanting to make a change for the better in all aspects of their life.

It can work for anyone if you simply take the first step and make a commitment to try something new – because for me, what I had been doing for 20+ years – was not!  It’s worth every minute you put into bettering your health both mentally and physically 🙂

Thank you Rachel and team for the essential work you do! BEST decision ever and WORTH it!!

– Amy

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