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4Apr, 24
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The Benefits of Silence & How to Create Quiet Moments Throughout the Day

Silence feels like such a luxury these days with so many kids in the house and a seemingly endless to-do list!

It’s easy to slip into auto-pilot while tackling the chaos of each day, but if we disregard our mental health and well-being, then we risk burnout and increased stress and anxiety.

It’s good to remember that silence is important for every aspect of life, including your health.

Creating quiet moments throughout the day can be super powerful.

So, I decided to dedicate this blog to the benefits of silence and some tips for carving out a few quiet moments in your busy life! 

Here are just 5 benefits of silence:

Lowers Blood Pressure

Though more studies are needed to determine the long-term effects silence has on cardiovascular health, some studies show that just a few minutes of silence can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health. 

Noise stimulates the adrenal system and triggers stress hormones that increase the heart rate, so it makes sense that reduced stimuli will have the opposite effect! Other studies suggest that even listening to calming music can lower blood pressure compared to high-tempo songs.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety 

The previous benefit and this one go hand-in-hand, as stress raises blood pressure!

Reducing stimuli also aids in reducing your stress and anxiety. Your body will have a much easier time relaxing when it’s quiet than when it’s in overdrive trying to process all the noise.

And bonus: a more relaxed mind and body helps strengthen your immune system as well!

So, if you notice yourself becoming stressed, try taking a step back and letting yourself unwind! For more tips on reducing anxiety, check out this post

Improves Sleep

One of the most vital aspects of sleep hygiene is creating a calming, quiet atmosphere.

But adding some peaceful moments in your day before bedtime also helps improve sleep.

More relaxation during the day means better quality sleep at night! And getting enough good, quality sleep is crucial for your overall health!

Head here for 13 tips for improving your sleep!

Enhances Concentration & Better Focus

Quiet time can help improve mental clarity and cognitive development, enhancing concentration and enabling you to focus.

This 2021 study showed that people working in silence and with less noise in the background tend to have much better concentration and perform tasks more effectively.

Some studies even suggest that silence helps develop the hippocampus, the part of the brain linked to memory, emotions, and learning, so quiet moments are essential for children.

However, everyone is different, and not everyone will work well with 100% silence. You know yourself best! 

Helps Emotional Regulation & Patience

Have you noticed yourself snapping at people more easily or having a shorter temper? You may need to add some quiet times to your day!

Silence and meditation allow you to step back, catch your breath, process your emotions, and understand your feelings. The more you practice meditation, the better you’ll be at it and understanding your feelings! 

Better emotional regulation helps you have more patience with the people around you. It can also help slow your thought process so you can make better decisions rather than acting impulsively.

That, in turn, can help you make healthier choices and reduce emotional eating, which supports health goals like weight loss.

There are definitely more benefits of silence, such as boosting creativity and increasing productivity, but I’ll stop there!

Now that we know why it’s important to create quiet moments let’s discuss how to do so!

Here are 10 quick ideas for adding pockets of silence throughout the day!

  1. While running errands, consider turning off the radio and driving in silence! 

  2. Start your day in silence. If you have to, wake up a few minutes early, or if you’re already the first one awake, take that time to be alone with your thoughts.

  3. End your day in silence. Have a quiet time before you go to sleep.

  4. Read a good book. This could be your quiet time before sleeping or a few stolen moments throughout the day. Curl up in bed or on the couch and do some reading!

  5. Go for a walk! Whenever you have time, like during lunch, go for a walk in the park or through your neighborhood and let your thoughts travel wherever they wish.

  6. Try yoga or meditation. Check out our guide to mediation!

  7. Designate a little silent sanctuary in your house. Maybe a comfy chair by the window or your porch is your sanctuary. Wherever it is, make it a quiet space. No noise allowed!

  8. Take a long shower or bath in complete silence! Or stretch out your skincare routine so you can care for your mental health at the same time.

  9. Ban distractions from the kitchen while you’re cooking. Ask the other people in your house to leave you alone while you’re preparing meals. That way, the time you spend cooking, baking, and meal prepping can also be a little mental pause.

  10. Clean while the house is empty. While everyone else is at school or work, turn off the TV and do your household chores in complete silence! 

Even the smallest things and the shortest moments of silence can make a difference! But if you’re ready to dedicate even more time to your mental health, check out this post to learn how to adopt a self-care routine

Whatever your routine looks like, what matters is that you don’t forget about yourself or neglect your mental well-being.

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