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11Jan, 20

{NEW} Cranberry Crumble Bars❤ A wintertime breakfast or snack idea that we ABSOLUTELY LOVE ❤ Cranberries offer a considerable range of health benefits. They are a good source of many vitamins and antioxidants. Here’s 2 of our FAVORITE CFC homemade cranberry sauce recipes: CFC’s Festive Homemade Cranberry Sauce Homemade Low-Sugar Cranberry Sauce makes 12 servings Ingredients: more »

10Jan, 20

{NEW} Mediterranean Wedge Salad 🍅 Make yourself a big ole’ Greek-inspired salad with a SIMPLE homemade lemony yogurt dressing tonight! Obviously this Salad is at its BEST in the Summertime with locally grown fresh garden vegetables and those heavenly vine-ripened tomatoes…but right now it’s freezing and January. Thanks to our modern greenhouse growing seasons, most of more »

6Jan, 20

Tomato + Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Rollatini 🍅 Your house will smell AMAZING while these chicken roll-ups are baking…fit for COMPANY! Our special CFC recipe for Tomato + Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Rollatini turns out so beautiful, and completely DELICIOUS. Your family will think you’re a gourmet chef; all with just a few extra minutes’ effort.I more »