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21Feb, 21

Tex Mex Chicken Skillet 🍅🌱🔥 This Tex Mex Chicken Skillet Meal is an EASY one-pan dinner idea to help you feed your people!🤗 SUPER DUPER satisfying and PACKED with MAJOR FLAVOR! If you’re anything like me, then you probably eat chicken a few times each week…so it’s essential to have an abundance of FABULOUS recipes. more »

20Feb, 21

Baked Pizza Tomato Slices 🍕🌱🍅 Lookin’ for something FUN & Easy to make this weekend?! Here we go – these are PERFECT! I just love tomato *anything* with cheese 😅 add in a few fresh herbs…I’m a total sucker for this combo. These are so delicious, especially when made with fresh garden tomatoes throughout the more »

19Feb, 21

Sheet Pan Shrimp “Boil” 🍠🌽🦐🍋 I adore sheet pan recipes – and this one deserves a permanent spot in our dinner rotation because it’s not only DELICIOUS but also FUN to eat! One-pan means super EASY clean-up! Add more fresh garlic, creole seasoning, or herbs if you love them like I do! I’ll often add more »

18Feb, 21

Health Benefits of Chia, Hemp, and Flax Seeds Of all the many foods that have been marketed as “superfoods” in recent years, chia, hemp and flax seeds are most definitely among them. We agree with the many other health experts out there that believe that these are some of the healthiest foods you can eat. more »

15Feb, 21

Honey + Garlic Brussels Sprouts “Wow. These are absolutely delicious. And all this time, I thought I hated Brussels sprouts!” Yep, I hear it a lot. Give me all those crisp crunchy edges! My family is completely unaware of the delicious crispy chip-like edges and outer leaves because I’ve already eaten them before the Brussels more »

14Feb, 21

CFC Burger Bites 🍔🍔🍔 We’ve got a SUPER FUN twist on burgers for ya! Highly suggest trying these with Bison! Bison burgers are a flavorful change to beef burgers. If you haven’t tried bison before, this is a good recipe to get started with! When you cook them, be sure to keep a close eye more »

13Feb, 21

Valentine’s Oatmeal Pancakes ❤❤❤ Oatmeal in the form of beautiful homemade heart-shaped 🥞 pancakes for your weekend! A Super Simple, REAL Food recipe…and they are beyond Delectable! Oatmeal is a COMPLEX carbohydrate, that our bodies use VERY well for sustainable energy. If your current goal is weight loss and/or overall health, try eating MORE COMPLEX more »

12Feb, 21

Valentine’s Day Stuffed Peppers ❤❤❤ Festive, FUN, Flavorful, & filled with delicious fresh herbs and veggies! I like to call these types of projects a “food craft” because they’re really fun to make together as a family! Valentine’s Day Stuffed Peppers are quite tasty with a perfect blend of seasonings & fresh herbs. Feel free more »