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3Sep, 21

Mango Quinoa Chopped Salad 🥭 This Savory + Slightly Sweet combination is seriously so delicious! If you’re looking for a dish to prepare several hours ahead of time, this is it! The flavor only becomes better after it sits for an hour or two. If you haven’t tried quinoa yet, now is the time! And Read More!

2Sep, 21

Lettuce Wrapped BLT Burgers With the long weekend ahead in the USA burgers are appropriate and appreciated! Don’t get me wrong here – I love my carbs and enjoy a healthy amount of them. But to tell the truth I usually enjoy my burgers best wrapped in crisp lettuce with all the trimmings! Sometimes a Read More!

1Sep, 21

Veggie Hummus Wrap Cold Lunch Box A big request this back-to-school (back to the office) season is cold lunchbox ideas to tuck into backpacks or purses that’ll stay good for a few hours until lunchtime. So we’re spending the next month sharing lots and lots of different lunchboxes/snack boxes to help give you some fun Read More!

30Aug, 21

Grilled Salmon + Avocado Salsa This is one of my all-time FAVORITE ways to enjoy salmon! Dripping with tangy-limey avocado salsa and hot off the grill! We still have a few more weeks of summer so let’s enjoy it! Wild salmon contains an antioxidant called astaxanthin, this is what makes the wild salmon meat a Read More!

29Aug, 21

Homemade Almond Milk This recipe & video tutorial is something I’ve wanted to share for several years now because I really want to demonstrate how SIMPLE it is to make your own almond milk at home. I kept putting off creating the video and shooting the photos because it *is* so simple and just didn’t Read More!

28Aug, 21

Hearty Beef + Sweet Potato Stew Warm up those bellies throughout the fall & winter seasons with a big comforting bowl of our Hearty Beef Stew…in fact, you’d better double up this recipe, because they’ll all be coming back for another bowl tonight! ➡️Rachel’s Tips: If you do not have wine on hand, you may Read More!

27Aug, 21

Sweet Potato Hash 🍠🍠🍠 Sweet Potatoes and Yams are something we eat A LOT of at our house! It’s funny because about 10 years ago I didn’t care for them AT ALL. Throughout my 30’s I began passionately learning about health & nutrition while working with a phenomenal fitness trainer. Sweet potatoes just kept coming Read More!

26Aug, 21

Tips for Mindful Snacking If you’re like most people, you probably snack fairly often. Since snacking can either benefit or interfere with your health, it is essential to know how to do it right.  Keep reading to learn why snacking can be a good thing, things to keep in mind when snacking, tips for snacking Read More!

25Aug, 21

Weeknight Chicken Parm 🍅🧄🍅 It’s one of those meals that we just crave! Our recipe is pretty simple to make, gluten-free, and totally satisfying! Completely worth the effort! Any leftovers make for a perfect lunch tomorrow! Store in air-tight containers, add a side of green beans. Reheats really well in the air fryer or microwave. Read More!