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27Jul, 19

 A taste of the tropics! These protein balls are EXCEPTIONALLY great in the Summertime thanks to that fresh lime + coconut combo! Make sure your shredded coconut is unsweetened. I REALLY love “let’s do organic” brand of dried coconut. I think using several key limes instead of a regular lime would be a FUN twist more »

26Jul, 19

{NEW} Banana Split Breakfast Jars🍌🍓🍫 An EXTRA FUN Breakfast or Dessert idea for these Hot Summer Days we’re experiencing! 🌞👙😍 Our Banana Split Breakfast Jars are packed with fruit & berries, and a bit of protein which really satisfies those sweet cravings.makes 4 jars/servings Ingredients: 4 (16-ounce) mason jars 2 large bananas, cut on half then more »

24Jul, 19

Clean Eating is a rewarding lifestyle, reconnecting us to a natural, whole-food-based way of eating. Many people are drawn to this lifestyle for simple reasons: weight loss, inflammation, energy, or a desire to take better care of their bodies. And while it may seem daunting at first, there are a few habits that will get more »