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23Mar, 19

{New} Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowls 💪 An anytime-of-day Protein Packed Bowl…because “breakfast food” is AWESOME anytime! What meal of the day would you eat this bowl? Seems like I go through times where I make and eat LOTS of bowls such as this one… I get on a little kick of creating and enjoying them often…then more »

21Mar, 19

Carbs are a macronutrient, which essentially means they are required in large amounts to maintain health and wellness. Our bodies rely on carbohydrates for many important functions including energy production, hormone regulation, and as a source of nutrients. Thanks to many trendy diets and marketing tactics, there’s a lot of confusion around carbohydrates these days more »

20Mar, 19

{NEW} Mango Salsa Chicken Bowls 🌴 Raise your hand if you’re dreaming about long SUN-shiny days of Summer?! 🙋‍♀️ ME. Since we’re not quite there yet, and there’s no island vacations in my near future (hopefully there is in YOURS!), WE CAN make these bright Mango Salsa + Chicken Bowls. ABSOLUTELY guaranteed to brighten up our dinner-game, and more »

17Mar, 19

{NEW} Creamy Chicken & Lime Soup 🥕🥣🌶 I think we still have quite a few weeks of cooler weather around here…so we’re continuing with our soup eating over here. Luckily, we have THIS creamy-limey soup to keep us inspired, satisfied, and WARM ☔ There’s a bit of heat/spice in this soup that COMPLETELY depends on your jalapenos. more »

16Mar, 19

{NEW} Chocolate Chip Shamrock Protein Shake 🍀☘🍀☘ Tomorrow’s the day! Here’s a much healthier version of our favorite drive-through shamrock indulgence. This one is totally tasty, creamy, and GREEN! Oh ya…also super nutritious and satisfying! makes 2 servings Ingredients: 2 overripe large bananas, frozen 1 cup packed baby spinach 1/4 cup packed, fresh mint leaves 1/2 more »

15Mar, 19

{NEW} Rachel’s Favorite Quick & EASY Chicken Salad 🌱🍇 Serve this chicken salad inside of crisp butter lettuce leaves, on top of tangy apple slices, large fresh cucumber slices, or on a toasted open-faced slice of Ezekiel bread. Use up those chicken breasts in the fridge, or grab a rotisserie chicken on your way home. Lunch more »

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