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30May, 20

{New} Chicken Satay Stir-fry Skillet 🌱🔪🧄 I adore One Pan meals! ❤ What about you?!😍 Our peanut butter satay sauce is ABSOLUTELY lick-your-plate kinda good!🤤 Serve with a side of brown rice or quinoa and you’re set✔ This recipe works great with chicken thighs as well if that’s what you’ve got on hand. ➡️I like to pound my more »

29May, 20

{New} Quick Antipasto “Tacos” 🌞 These lil’ roll-ups are a really fun & simple summertime lunch or patio party entertaining idea! Set out a big tray for everyone, or serve em’ up “bar style” and let them build their own! These are great during the warmer months because you can just throw the ingredients into a more »

28May, 20

  Is Sugar Bad for Us?  Here are some ways you can enjoy sugar while still honoring your health. What comes to mind when you think of sugar? Your first thought may be that it’s sweet and delicious, but you may also immediately think that it’s something “bad” that should be avoided and inflicts guilt more »

27May, 20

{New} Lemony Chicken Meatball Soup🌱🍋 Our family has a new favorite soup (maybe you do too!)⬇️ This Lemony Chicken Meatball Soup is bright and SUPER satisfying thanks to those perfectly seasoned baked meatballs. I make soup at least once a week, year-round; it’s quick, easy, affordable, and my family always loves it. Soup is especially more »

25May, 20

{New} Low Carb Thai Red Curry 🌱🌶 If you’re a curry lover, then you’re going to want to double up this recipe so that you have extras for meal prep throughout the week! While this one is called “low carb” (it is lower compared to regular noodles) it should be called “Healthy Carb” since it’s made more »

24May, 20

{New} Creamy Braised Green Beans🌱 Green Beans just happen to be one of my FAVORITE vegetables, so we eat them often! This SIMPLE recipe keeps the beans tender-crisp, and lightly coated in a super tasty creamy sauce. Excellent side dish for weeknight suppers, holiday celebrations, and also GREAT for meal prep! In addition to being more »

23May, 20

{NEW} Crockpot Chicken Tortilla Soup 🥣🥑🍅 I use my crockpot year-round because I find it SO convenient to throw a few ingredients together in the morning when I’m full of energy, then have a meal ready-to-eat whenever we’re ready for it, in the afternoon or evening…no matter how drained I’m feeling later or what the day more »

22May, 20

{NEW} Asian Chicken Salad🌶🌱🥕 Here’s a NEW super Zesty Asian chopped salad idea to keep things interesting throughout your week. There’s a lot of tangy + crunchy flavor and texture happening in this salad, with just the right amount of sweetness thanks to those fresh orange segments. Salty + Crunchy + Sweet combinations are so more »

21May, 20

What do you think of when you hear the word “protein”? Most people would say something like steak, chicken, or pork. While these are all good sources of protein, meats include just a fraction of where protein is found in the food supply.  Sometimes meat-based protein sources can be harder to find (like in the more »