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4Jan, 23

Quick Cheeseburger Lettuce Wraps We have several Cheeseburger Salad Recipes on the website, and they sure are SUPER POPULAR recipes with our readers! I decided to create a lettuce wrap version that you eat with your hands instead of a fork. It’s a new year, and my world for 2023 is: SIMPLIFY. This recipe is Read More!

2Jan, 23

Flavorful Leftover Chicken Carcass Soup 🥕🍗🧅 Soup helps stretch the family dinner budget while filling up those bellies with fresh, whole-food ingredients you carefully choose yourself. This soup in particular is an EXCELLENT way to save some money while creating another meal from a previous one. Once we’ve already enjoyed a whole roasted chicken or Read More!

31Dec, 22

Avocado Green Salsa 🥑🌱 Are you looking for the best party snacks to make this weekend? Avocado Green Salsa is a crowd favorite every time! Set out some chips and fresh vegetables to dip, and you’re set! This salsa is great to make ahead of time and store in the fridge, which makes entertaining easier. Read More!

28Dec, 22

Pizza Chicken Meal Prep 🍕🍕🍕 Many clean eaters are on the hunt for tasty meal prep recipes and ideas now since the holidays are winding down and it’s time to get back into a solid routine to feel good again. Meal prepping can save a lot of time and money compared to constant drive-thru trips. Read More!

27Dec, 22

  Meet Bonnie, 78 Years Young, Who Lost 10 Pounds with CleanFoodCrush! I’m Bonnie from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I’m almost 79!  I’ve been retired as an Administrative Secretary for 10 years.  I’m married (57 years) have 5 married children, 12 grandchildren, (3 married) and 2 great-grandkids. After I retired, I became a quilter.  My Read More!