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28May, 18
Kristi Before and After Clean Eating
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These 4 courageous cancer survivors overcame their traumatic experiences and went on to make big changes in their lives.

Read on as they each share how Clean Eating helped them rebuild their health, lose weight and overcome the challenges they were facing.Sprout emojiHappy sun emoji

Prepare to be INSPIRED by these incredibly strong women.Strong arm emoji

Breast Cancer Survivors Clean Eating ReviewerHello! My name is Donna Turner and I live in Melbourne, Florida.

My greatest challenge before Clean Eating was reducing sugar in my diet.  I failed miserably the past 10 years. I am a 20 year Breast Cancer Survivor and all the hormones and steroid medications didn’t help when it came to keeping weight off.

After 3 days, I had no sugar cravings! I was determined to remain true to the challenge. I next began the 7 Day Challenge and got through just fine. I was totally ready to try the 30 Day Challenge, a bit scared but ready.

CleanFoodCrush and the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge taught me how to Eat Clean for the rest of my life.

The Challenge provided me and everyone with unwavering support in the private group. We received daily suggestions and inspiration from Rachel, Billie, Daisy and the team..

The results of the Challenge are ever present in my energy levels, how my body looks, my hair shines. My skin is clear and healthy and I’m sleeping better than ever. Not to mention my new level of self esteem! Since the end of the challenge I have lost 2 more inches!

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Kristi Before and After Clean EatingMy name is Kristi, I’m 31 years old. I’m thrilled to share what my journey was like on the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge with you.

I lost 25 pounds, my “bad” cholesterol dropped by 33 points and my triglycerides dropped by 45 and I have a completely new (and healthy) relationship to food. At the age of 30 I was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkins Lymphoma and began 6 months of intense Chemotherapy. While Chemo saved my life it ravaged my body and the medications that kept me functioning caused nearly 30 pounds of weight gain.

The Challenge gave me the tools to get started. I was nervous, doubting myself and had no idea what healthy eating really was.

  • The structured eating plans, fantastic recipes and most of all support from the groups gave me the skills, knowledge and confidence to finally start the path to a healthy life.
  • Not even 6 months later I’m able to plan meals for the week
  • I make healthier choices while away from home
  • I make informed choices about how to incorporate other foods in moderation and listen more to the needs of my body.

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Linda 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Before and AfterMy name is Linda Catherine Powers, I’m a 48 year old mother of 2 and a grandmother of 2.  

When I was 41 I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Thyroid Cancer and once I underwent surgery, the weight gain was an uphill battle.

Here are a Few More Results I’ve Seen from Taking the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge… 

  • My choices when I go out are smarter
  • I’m not tempted by sugar and bread anymore
  • A lot of times I’d rather be at home since my meals have more flavor then when I eat out.
  • And wine…well there’s always time for that it’s just not all the time, I have a glass now and then but everything is in moderation.

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Kimberly's Weight Loss Before and AfterHi there friend!

My name is Kimberly Sykes and I am a 46 year old mother of 3.

For As long as I can remember, I have always turned to food.  It was the one constant thing in my life.

In my early 40’s, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and things got pretty serious. I learned more than I ever wanted to know about cancer. I went through chemo, radiation and started a medication to help keep the cancer at bay.

I learned quickly that the medication was not my friend.  It completely stopped my metabolism in its tracks.

I probably gained 50 pounds in less than a year. I have never felt more defeated in my life as I did then… but when I found CleanFoodCrush everything changed.

I feel better NOW than I did in my 20’s. I am up and moving, my joints don’t ache, I sleep like a baby, and BEST of all I FEEL REALLY GOOD about myself. I don’t miss the fried foods and sweet tea even a little.

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