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23Jan, 17
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Hi I’m Amanda, and this is my story. There have been so many lessons and gifts along the way, so let’s begin…

My biggest lessons in all of this have been staying focused, motivated and not giving up. It’s very easy to slip back into bad eating habits. I had vacationed in June to California and Vegas. I decided to eat what I wanted while there and went right back to my old eating habits. Three months later I found myself gaining back fifteen of the thirty pounds I had lost and feeling tired and dogged down. I decided to get back on track. This is when I found CleanFoodCrush.

I had been in a couple other clean eating groups but then I found the CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Group. There is a HUGE amount or participation and support amongst the members. Everyone is very helpful and it seems we all work together as a team assisting and supporting each other to reach our goals. I love that.

All the different recipes and ideas from everyone keep me from getting bored with this lifestyle. I am always making and discovering new recipes! Also being able to share my food and weight loss journey as I go helps me stay confident with the encouragement and positivity.

This Was Me On the Right BEFORE My Clean Eating Journey

Eating Transformation Challenge

This is Me NOW And I’m Still Enjoying a Clean Eating Lifestyle!

Amanda's weight lost transformation

I feel so much better when I eat clean. Not only for the weight loss I’ve experienced, but I have SO MUCH energy.

  • I am very focused, my head is clear and my body feels good.
  • My arthritis has calmed down
  • My acid reflux has disappeared
  • My chronic gastritis is gone.
  • At my heaviest I was having issues with back pain and plantar fasciitis in my left foot. All those pains are gone.

Seeing all the hard work from everyone in the CleanFoodCrush community everyday keeps me inspired to keep going.

My advice to you: you HAVE to try it. At least give it a good effort for a month.  It’s only 30 days and once you see the results you will want to keep going. You may even find you get addicted to the outcome. Days then turn into months, and months into years. There’s no better feeling than being healthy 🙂 The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge changed my life in a beautiful way.

And I’m not the only one, Joanne Lost 56 pounds with Clean Eating, you can read her story about how she lost weight and reclaimed her energy here.

30 day eating program

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