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8Aug, 19
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Meal prep has been one of the most important habits I’ve ever built in my life. Today, I’m excited to share with you the 11 reasons Clean Eating Meal Prep can totally transform you from the inside out!Roasted Chicken + Sweet Potato Meal Prep by CleanFoodCrush

1. Balance Your Blood Sugar

Skipping meals and eating empty carbs like fried foods, bread and sweets all have the potential to cause a blood sugar spike and crash. If you find yourself feeling energy “highs and lows” throughout the day, especially after you eat, this might be due to what you’re eating. By prepping your meals, you can consistently control what you’re putting into your body and help balance your blood sugar. This will naturally improve your energy throughout the day and support you in your weight loss goals.

2. Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss happens when your body feels safe and knows when the next meal is coming. By meal planning, you can eat more on a schedule. Eliminate those windows where you get so hungry you feel like you’re about to panic, and you will lose weight faster. Additionally, by eating smaller meals throughout the day, your body will begin to shed weight. Aside from the consistency factor, meal planning means you are putting more consideration into the foods you eat – which means fewer opportunities to make impulsive choices that set you back.

3. Eat Cleaner

By becoming a pro at meal planning, you get to Eat Clean on a daily basis! We all have days where we’re feeling low and seek comfort in some form – for many of us, that’s where eating junk comes in. Or there are just the busy days when we’re back to school, rushing to work, or have little time in between stops. Plan your meals, keep your water bottle on hand, and experience the massive difference in your stress levels, mood, and energy.

4. Beat Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings just mean you’re hungry – but your brain is wired for the quick, instant fix. You can rewire this pattern by consistently consuming more protein, and overriding your brains quest for sugar. Respond with healthy, whole foods, and slowly the cycle will break. Not sure if sugar is your addiction? Here are 7 signs you have a crush on sugar!

5. Boost Your Nutrition

Traditional diets aren’t great because they’re restrictive in nature. We need food to fuel our brains, hormones, and lives! When I take my clients through the Meal Prep Made Easy program, we focus on nutrition, not on counting every calorie! Meal prepping is an incredible opportunity to transform your health. By adding in a variety of fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, fish and meats, Clean Eating provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients (fat, carbs, protein) to help you feel fit, strong, and beautiful.

6. Develop More Will-Power

It’s incredibly challenging to beat a sugar addiction or give up binge-eating just through will power alone. Not only that, but most health coaches or plans out there will rely on you having enough will power to restrict yourself from eating the foods that tempt you most, while also limiting your caloric intake to an unreasonable level. By prepping your meals Clean Eating style, you don’t have to worry about that. In fact, most of my clients remark on how blown away they are by HOW MUCH they get to eat each day, while still losing weight. Planning your meals out means you have the power to create a consistent schedule, nourish your body with Clean food, and develop more will-power overtime. It’s so much easier when you follow a plan!

7. Create Consistency

Consistency is everything when it comes to building new habits. On average, 66 days is how long it takes to build a new habit. That means you can’t just plan your meals a couple of times a week and transform your life. You need to really commit! I suggest planning 2 prep days per week, even if all you’ve got is 90 minutes. This will give you the space to have all of your meals for the week prepared, and ready to eat. Here are 7 ways to make Clean Eating Meal Prep Easy!

Rachel Maser's 7 Tips for Meal Prep

8. Improve Your Overall Health

There are countless ways that Clean Eating Meal Prep can improve your health. Most frequently, my clients report feeling:

  • More energy
  • Less chronic aches and pains
  • Better moods
  • Way better sleeps
  • Balanced Blood Sugar
  • Weight Loss (and lots of it!)

Whatever your goals, there is no diet that can compare with the long-term sustainable results of putting real, whole foods into your body on a daily basis. Clean Eating is not just about losing weight, it’s about a transformation from the inside out. Meal Prep is a fantastic way for you to really get in the groove with this lifestyle.

9. Balance Your Moods

What we put into our bodies has such a big impact on our moods! Think about it, when we eat foods that increase our inflammation levels, we’re more likely to experience sleep issues, chronic aches, and pains, brain-fog, and fatigue. If you’ve struggled with any or all of these symptoms, Clean Eating Meal Prep might be the exact thing you need to introduce into your life. A diet loaded with the nutrition your body and brain needs will help improve your moods, increase your energy, and get you back to feeling amazing.

10. Have More Energy

We all want more energy – life can be so crazy! But drinking 8 cups of coffee a day or loading up on sugar for the quick hit isn’t exactly going to help us in the long run. From adrenal exhaustion to acne, hormonal imbalance and weight gain – these quick fixes for energy are not our best solution. Clean Eating Meal Prep on the other hand, slowly and naturally increases our energy by fueling our brains with healthy amounts of carbs, fats, and protein. So many of my clients report having way more energy than ever before, just by changing what they eat on a daily basis.

11. Save Time and Money

You might think that meal prep will take MORE time, and at first, it will definitely feel like that. But I promise you, as you get into the habit of planning your meals, this method will save you time and money. Planning your meals means you get everything done in two short sessions per week, freeing you up to fill the space you’d be cooking with other things. You’ll also waste less food because you’re buying only what you need for the week and prepping it all ahead of time.

I have dedicated the last 2+ years of my life filming videos on how YOU can become a meal prep pro. If you’re curious about getting your Clean Eating Meal Prep on, then click here to learn more about the Meal Prep Made Easy course!


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