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Clean Eating Meal Prep Made Easy
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7 Ways Make Clean Eating Meal Prep EasyGot Clean Eating goals?

With a little planning, commitment and the proper support, meal prep can be EASY and make Eating Clean a pleasurable breeze.

Discover 7 ways to make meal prep easy and reach success!

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Roasted Chicken Veggies Clean Eating Meal Prep1. Schedule Your Meal Prep Day

One thing is for sure when it comes to meal prep – if you don’t schedule it in, it will never happen. Life’s busy, and stuff will always get in the way. The secret to making meal prep a success is to look at your schedule week to week and schedule your meal prep day according to what’s happening in your life at that particular time.

If you have a free day on Sunday one week, and Thursday the next – schedule your meal prep days for then. One of the ways we get stuck is by trying to keep meal prep day always on the same day of the week, which to be fair works for a ton of people. But for those of us who have an inconsistent schedule or busy social calendar, staying flexible and committed is the safest bet.

Clean Sweet Chili Salmon Meal Prep Bowls2. Make sure you have quality kitchen tools and containers

Ensuring you have the proper tools and storage containers for your meal prep is key. If you’re struggling in the kitchen with tools that make it more difficult (like dull knives, not having measuring spoons, or a bunch of different sized containers but no lids etc.) you’ll find meal prep to be extra stressful and a big time suck.

Get yourself set up with these affordable Clean Eating Kitchen Tools and Containers for meal prep. These are products I personally LOVE and use at home.

Clean Eating Meal Planning Guide3. Have a Plan, Keep it Simple!

Plant to fail if you fail to plan, bet you’ve never head that before! Ok, so we all know it’s true, but HOW do you make a plan that works without hitting overwhelm real quick?

My team and I seriously thought this through and decided that the quickest, easiest and most affordable way to help our community meal prep was to create the Meal Prep Made Easy – a series of meal prep videos teaching you exactly how to prep incredible, batch friendly recipes that will keep you going throughout the week. You can simply choose the recipes that stand out to you most each week, watch your video and get to prepping with my guidance!

Want a thoroughly mapped out meal-plan that tells you exactly what to eat? The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge is your best friend here. You’ll get all of your meals mapped out week to week, recipes PLUS community support and accountability from me and my team.
Eat Clean Meal Prep Made Easy4. Prep all of your ingredients before you start

Make sure all of your ingredients are accessible and organized prior to starting your prep. Veggies can be washed and chopped, your proteins can be thawed/prepped, and tools are laid out and ready to go. Once the ingredients are washed and set, you can begin to chop, slice and dice!

This also gives you a chance to do a quick inventory before you start to make sure you have everything you need. Getting half-way through and discovering you’re missing a key ingredient is the worst. Better to check before you begin!

Healthy Sausage Egg Breakfast Cups5. Make breakfast easy with muffins and oatmeal jars

Prepping your breakfast is one of the most convenient places to start! When you begin your mornings off with ease, you’ve got more willpower to last you throughout the day. I love prepping breakfast muffins like these Sausage Egg Breakfast cups, chocolate + cashew butter overnight oats and chia puddings for Clean Eating breakfast ideas. Don’t forget your water either! Make sure you’ve got a good water bottle and plenty of fresh lemon water to drink, this will boost your efforts and help reduce cravings and inflammation.One Pan Balsamic Chicken Veggies Recipe

6. Try one-sheet pan recipes

One-sheet pan recipes like this one-sheet pan balsamic chicken  seriously take the edge off a busy week! Clean Eating can become second nature when you get in flow with recipes that require little fuss and a lot of flavor. Here are a few other one-sheet pan recipes to get you started:

New Honey Garlic Chicken Meal Prep Recipe7. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Seriously, go wild! When it comes to trying out new recipes, being open-minded makes the process a lot more flexible. I’m not suggesting you eat foods you know you hate, but here’s the thing – as you begin to shift your diet to Clean Eating, your taste buds can change too! Foods you once turned your nose up at, could now be your favorite!

There are so many different varieties and recipes to choose from that will surprise you, while opening you up to a world of yummy choices. To prevent overwhelm, you could start with the recipes in our Meal Prep Made Easy Video Course or take the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

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