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21Nov, 19
Clean Food Love

Thanksgiving is next week…

Wait… wasn’t it just July!?

This is the time of year when FOOD is everything, so get ready for some of our favorite and most AMAZING recipes to keep your friends and family healthy, nourished and super impressed with your culinary skills!

No worries…keeping with true CFC fashion, these recipes are SIMPLE to make and all of the ingredients are REAL FOOD ingredients that are very easy to find (most likely already in your kitchen!)

Clean Eating can be INCREDIBLY delicious and I’m here to help you prove that to the ones you LOVE this holiday season.

Here are ELEVEN dishes to add to your menu for a crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving table!


1. CFC’s Festive Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Right on time for our Thanksgiving menu planning.

If you haven’t tried making your own cranberry sauce, you’re in for a big surprise by how TOTALLY simple it is!

2. Ezekial Bread Stuffing for a Clean Eating Side!

THE Stuffing Recipe you’ve all be waiting for…

This may be my very most favorite thing that I’ve ever made with Ezekiel bread.


3. Delight Your Taste Buds with this RoastedCauli n’ Cheese

Consider doubling up this recipe, and adding it to your holiday table to create an extremely decadent, and satisfying lower carbohydrate option for your guests.

4. Garlic Herb Mushrooms Make a Healthy, Flavor Rich Side Dish!

For all of our CFC Mushroom LOVERS!

This dish makes for a VERY SIMPLE holiday side, so consider adding these Garlic Herb Mushrooms to your Thanksgiving and Christmas menu plans!5. Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts + Bacon! 

Here’s how to convert anyone into a Brussels Sprout Lover = Bacon! 6. Parmesan Roasted Green Beans for a Super Tasty Side Dish!

Okay friends, Thanksgiving is NEXT week so I’m certain that many of you are already planning your menus. I believe fully that we can satisfy ALL of our holiday cravings + stay healthy throughout this season (I’m gonna prove it to you!)7. Easy Roasted Carrots for a Healthy Side Dish Idea!

A bit savory, a bit sweet; THE PERFECT simple side-dish carrot recipe for all of your family meals!

If you haven’t yet tried roasting your carrots, then you are definitely in for a treat!

8. Healthier Cauliflower Gratin for a Delicious Side Dish!

This Cauliflower Gratin is for people who adore cauliflower (like me!) and although it’s still very decadent and super creamy, we have made a few slight healthier swaps from our Grandmothers Gratins of holidays past.

9. This Shaved Fennel + Celery Salad is Fresh, Simple and Delicious!

On our Family Thanksgiving table this year… This is a very SIMPLE dish, with a satisfying complex flavor & crunch! Great to make a few hours ahead, cover and refrigerate until ready to use, which is exactly what we want when hosting a gathering.10. Crowd-Pleasing Coconut Creamed Corn for a Creative Side!

A NEW HOLIDAY Creamed Corn recipe that rivals the old-fashioned family traditional creamy corn!

This is a dairy-free version of the creamed corn classic that ABSOLUTELY fulfills all of our holiday table buffet requirements!11. Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Muffins for Healthy Holiday Treats!

Ummm…..Pumpkin spice (+ chocolate) season is STILL going STRONG over here at CFC HQ (my family kitchen) what about y’all’s?!

Thanksgiving will be here SOON, so be sure to create a few more magical Fall memories in your kitchen…including THESE delectable Pumpkin Spice muffins!

ENJOY your Thanksgiving and remember to tag me @CleanFoodCrush with photos of your creations. I LOVE seeing how your recipes turn out.


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