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10Nov, 20
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📣 UPDATE! Heather Has Lost 91 Pounds Since She Started Her CFC Journey Last September! 🎉🙌🎉🙌

“I have been following the Clean Food Crush Challenge Plan for 13 months, since last September (2019)  Since then, I have lost 91 Pounds.

I have more energy than I have ever had!

Some Health Benefits I’ve Achieved:

➡️  I had blood work today and all of my levels are perfect!

➡️ My skin is clear

➡️  I’m sleeping so much better.


My Favorite Thing About The

Clean Food Crush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Is The Support and Encouragement.


My daughters keep me inspired to stick to the plan.

My kids are eating clean they have seen how good I felt from it and they wanted to help encourage me.

Since I Last Shared:

➡️  I got promoted at work

➡️  Bought my own house

➡️  And I am happy!

Knowing what I know now, if I could share any wisdom with my younger self, it would be that the short-term happiness you get from eating food that is bad for you is nothing compared to the long team happiness you get by putting good into your body.

For anyone else starting this journey, I wish they could know that when you start this journey, it might feel impossible to stay on track.  But after a few days, you will feel so much better! Don't give up!

Also, the key to staying on track is Meal Prep. When healthy food is easily obtainable, it's easier to grab something good for you.

I love love love the Quick and Easy Chicken Salad. I actually made this before I started the challenge and I loved it so much I checked more into clean eating."

-  Heather

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