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2Jan, 24
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New Year, New You: How 3 Women Lost 35 Pounds in January

January is the Most Popular Month for Starting a Weight Loss Journey – Just Ask These Women Who Lost Over 35 Pounds Together! 

The new year ushers in a time of reflection and resolution making. 

For many, January marks a fresh start and an opportunity to set goals around self-improvement. At the top of the list for millions of Americans is the goal to lose weight and get healthier. 

According to statistics, January is the most popular month for starting a diet or signing up for a gym membership. The surge in interest correlates directly with New Year’s resolutions.

While the motivation may be strong on January 1st, for many that enthusiasm starts to wane by mid-February. Sticking with weight loss goals throughout the year takes commitment, planning, and support. 

That’s why structured programs with built-in coaching and accountability components often lead to the most success. Take it from Michele, Darla, and Michelle who all started the CleanFoodCrush 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge in the first week of the year 2023 and 2022. Not only did they complete the full 30 day challenge, but collectively they lost over 35 pounds and 36 inches!

Meet Michele Who Lost 18 Pounds and 16 Inches

Michele is a 52 year old wife and mother who works as an Administrative Assistant. She started following CFC in December 2021 after stumbling across it online.

She was hooked after researching clean eating and decided to start the 30 day challenge on January 2nd. 

Within just the first week, Michele decided to become a monthly member to stick with the program.

By the end of the full 30 days, she had lost an incredible 18 pounds and 16 inches.

Michele shared that she had lost 22 pounds and 18 inches in her second month with the program.

Before starting the challenge, Michele struggled with low energy, chronic pain, sugar cravings, and mindless overeating. The clean eating challenge gave her renewed energy, helped improve chronic health issues, and enabled her to stop drinking diet soda.

Michele says the CFC challenge has been amazing for her self-esteem and she finally has energy throughout her busy workdays. She emphasizes the easy to cook, delicious recipes and unwavering support from the CFC community as keys to her success.

Read Michele’s full story and her journey here. 

Meet Darla Who Lost 12 Pounds and 8 Inches  

Darla is a 48 year old married mother of two older children who works full time. She started the CleanFoodCrush 30-Day Clean Eating challenge on January 1st 2022.

She had tried and failed to complete the full 30 day program once before.

This time around, Darla reports she was determined and committed, knowing she needed to make a lifestyle change. 

In just the first 30 days, Darla lost 12 pounds and 8 inches!

She says she feels fantastic with more energy, no cravings for sugar or snacking, and that she feels closer to a healthy lifestyle every single day.

Darla credits meal prepping as essential to her success this time around. She says it has prevented her from reverting to quick but unhealthy food options on busy weeknights.

Her favorite recipes are the Beanless Chili and Cottage Cheese Pancakes. 

Darla recommends putting in the work and dedication, saying you are worth the investment for your health. She says you’ll be grateful you made the positive changes.

Learn more about her journey here. 

Meet Michelle Who Lost Over 7 Pounds and 12 Inches  

Michelle is a 53 year old nurse, married to Joe with two daughters. She has struggled with weight issues related to ovarian cysts and a high risk pregnancy for many years. Despite trying numerous diets, she was unable to find a long-term solution.

That changed on January 1st, 2023 when Michelle joined the CleanFoodCrush 30-day Clean Eating Challenge.

Michelle lost 7.6 pounds and 12 inches in the first 30 days alone!

Even more impressive, her blood pressure improved allowing her doctor to reduce some medications.

Michelle says the structured challenge plan has been easy to follow. She highlights the incredible recipes and constant support from coaches as advantages that have enabled her success. Her favorite meals so far are the Herbed Mushroom Rice and French Onion Chicken.

Michelle recommends joining the 30-day Clean Eating Challenge even if you’re on the fence. She says you have nothing to lose, and you’ll gain energy, feel better, and make progress toward the healthiest version of yourself.

Want to read more about her fantastic journey check it out here. 

The Power of a Supportive Community

All three women underscored the power of having a structured plan to follow, easy recipes, and an engaged community to offer accountability, tips, and encouragement. Though they come from diverse backgrounds, ages, and life stages, Michele, Darla, and Michelle shared similar struggles with low energy, yo-yo dieting, and finding a sustainable approach to weight loss.

The Clean Eating Challenge gave them the tools and support system they needed to lose weight and adopt healthier lifestyles. Among the three participants, they lost over 35 pounds and 36 inches in just the first 30 days! 

While January 1st offered the motivation of a fresh start, having guidance and community support prevented the enthusiasm from petering out in just a few weeks. Their successes prove that health goals can become reality with the right mindset and program.

All three women affirm they plan to stick with the program and community on their continued weight loss and health journeys. 

If losing weight is on your list of goals for the new year, consider joining the CleanFoodCrush 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge. Having meals and guidance mapped out along with an engaged community will help you stick with your resolutions and make 2024 your healthiest, happiest year yet!

Ready to Get the Tools and Support That Helped these 3 ladies Succeed? Come and Join the Challenge!

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