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27Apr, 21
Clean Food Love

Meet Karen, Who Lost over 15 Pounds and 5 Inches with CleanFoodCrush!

Hello, my name is Karen Crow. I am 52 years old and am a Physical Therapist. I have been married for 31 years and have two children Aaron 23 and Hannah 19.  I enjoy decorating and home renovations. I have a horse farm that keeps me busy before and after work. 

Before joining CleanFoodCrush I struggled with the fact I am menopausal and have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism which both lead to weight gain. And in the past when I have tried to diet I always would get stuck at a 10-11 pound weight loss and then I would give up. 

I travel with my job and it was just easy for me to drive through and get fast food. Doing the Clean Food Challenge helped me to make better food choices. 

With meal prepping, I no longer get fast food because I have a plan for what to cook for dinner. All the recipes I have tried have been phenomenal and easy prep.

My husband has loved the food as well and I feel like a chef. Some of my favorites have been Brown Rice Stuffed Peppers, Spiced Turkey Meatballs and the Tangy Pulled Chicken which is so versatile for lunches and dinners.

I have been doing the Clean Eating Challenge for 10 weeks now and I have lost 15.4 pounds and 5 inches from my waist and hips. 

My advice for success is to take it one week at a time and definitely do the meal prep.

I initially started with prepping, planning and shopping for four days at a time as to not get overwhelmed. As I got better at planning I was able to prep and plan for one week at a time. I worked on drinking more water and the eating plan for a few weeks and then slowly added walking and exercise into my routine.

This is a program that is easy to stick to and has been the only thing that has worked for me. It is definitely a lifestyle now for me and my family.


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