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3Nov, 20
Clean Food Love

Meet Lisa, Who Lost 7 Pounds, 5 inches, plus Aches and Pains as a Result of the CFC 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge!

My name is Lisa and I just finished the September 30 day clean eating challenge. I am blown away by what has happened to my body in just 1 month!

I’ve had digestive issues for as long as I can remember. I’ve had swollen ankles and thighs that I refused to show. Just by changing what I put in my body, I became more regular, reduced the swelling in my legs and ankles, and improved the looks of my legs overall. I really wanted to see what this challenge did on its own so I did no exercise during this month. These results are purely from clean eating.

My family, an amazing, supportive husband and 2 great kids (10 and 7), have been eating this nutrient-dense food right along with me. These foods help fuel us all and are delicious. We started casually eating Clean Food Crush recipes starting in January. I took the plunge and did the challenge in September.

The Supreme Pizza Inspired Salad is a family favorite because it is the first recipe my family tried on our start to clean eating! It was so good and I realized that I could eat clean foods and enjoy them! I’ve shared the recipe with anyone who will listen!

I’ve never been a person who ate breakfast. I never had time because I enjoy my sleep! And nothing ever really appealed to me. Then I had these amazing Strawberries + Cream Overnight Oats! They are so good and quick to prepare the night before. I make sure I always have strawberries (one of my top fruits!) on hand so I can whip them up a few times a week!


  • I CAN drink water without sugar-free mix-ins. Lemon water is amazing! I increased my water intake from about 20 oz to 85 oz a day!
  • I CAN have the energy to get things done and what I eat and drink gives me that energy
  • I mindlessly snacked when I was walking by something in the kitchen or when I was getting my kids’ food. And I never even realized it until this challenge!
  • Healthy, clean food is delicious!
  • I can mindfully enjoy sweet treats that are clean and stay in control
  • Maybe I AM a chef!


In September:
I lost 7.4 lbs and 5″

To Date Since January 4th:
I’ve lost 27.5 lbs and 15.75″

–  Lisa

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