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13Mar, 18
Margies 30 Day Clean Eating Transformation
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30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Review

Hi there 🙂

My name is Margie and I’d like to share my review of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge with you today!

I’m 55,  married, and the owner of a specialty comfort shoe store which takes up a lot of my time.

Throughout the years, I struggled to lose weight even though I worked out. I had major sugar and carb cravings that just wouldn’t go away!

I tried everything from Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and in the beginning I had success with those programs, but after a short time I would get frustrated with the food choices or the time needed to devote to the program and everything would come to an end.  

A couple of years ago I noticed that the weight kept increasing even though I was constantly working out. My joints started aching, my energy decreased… my extremities started swelling to the point that I couldn’t wear my wedding ring!

I saw a couple of doctors only to discover they couldn’t find anything wrong. My face would breakout, and the doctors told me it was hormonal. It was terrible feeling unwell and being helpless at the same time.

Then Rachel’s CleanFoodCrush posts appeared on my Facebook feed. One day, I finally checked out this amazing website and read the testimonials. Several people had similar situations to mine with positive results. Many of the recipes that Rachel posted looked delicious and really appealed to me.

Eat Clean Avocado Salsa Grilled ChickenAvocado Salsa Grilled Chicken Recipe

I needed relief and nothing was working! I figured that I’d give it a fair shot, and signed up for the yearly 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge.

At first, I was seriously nervous! I started my first day worrying how I would respond without eating my favorite sweets! Surprisingly, I didn’t have any issues with removing them from my diet.  

This is me Before & After the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge! Most Importantly, I FEEL Way Better and am Happy with How I Look.

Margie 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge Review

After the first week, I had lost 8 pounds and my sugar cravings reduced immensely! By the end of my first month, I had lost 10 pounds, felt more energetic, and could wear my wedding ring again!

  • After a couple of months the joint pain and inflammation were hardly noticeable
  • I went down 2 pant sizes!
  • My complexion got smoother and the breakouts disappeared!
  • My family and friends started noticing my change and asked me what I did plus I’ve received many surprising compliments.
  • After the yearly challenge, I’ve lost 25 pounds and the non-scale victories far outweigh anything that I had ever expected!
  • This is also the first winter that I didn’t have any upper respiratory infections!

Healthy Chocolate PB Banana Bread RecipeGluten-Free Chocolate PB & Banana Bread Recipe

 The 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge has been a great experience for me! What keeps me accountable is that I know where I started from and there’s no way I want to go back! It’s the best lifestyle change that I’ve ever made!

Here are some words of wisdom for newcomers. The first week may be overwhelming, but the results of the challenge are the most rewarding! Listen to your body, and do what works best for you. The support and accountability from Rachel, Billie and Daisy are outstanding!  They will give you the proper tools and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Follow the process as closely as possible, and remember the key is to prep. 

Even if you have a bad day, the support is there for you to get right back on track. Clean Eating isn’t about perfection, it’s about learning how to live and ENJOY real food for REAL life!

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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