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15Dec, 20
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Meet Margie Who Lost 36 Pounds, and Her Husband Lost 30 with CleanFoodCrush!

Hello, my name is Margie.  I am 46 years old and have been married to Scott for 21 years.  We have two beautiful, active young teenage daughters.  My husband and I are very busy with work and their sports/extracurricular activities.  My husband is a high school assistant principal and I teach high school American Sign Language. I love sharing my passion for this unique language and its Culture.  Scott enjoys watching sports.  

When I was young, I was very active and my weight was never an issue.  My dad had a massive heart attack when I was 20 years old and his death affected me.  For many years, I was depressed and I no longer had the energy to work out, which caused weight gain.  Scott has struggled with his weight all his life.  We tried many low carb diets but would gain the weight back after we fell back to old habits.

Two years ago, I got diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease.  It is a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells (vertigo) and hearing loss.  I quickly had to change my diet, limit processed foods, and caffeine.  I had to start eating low sodium meals.  I began my research and knew I needed to do something to help my hearing loss and vertigo.  It was what I was eating that was triggering my episodes. 

I found CleanFoodCrush on Facebook and made a few recipes and incorporated some of them in our weekly meals.  I loved the many different spices used in recipes and could easily reduce the sodium.  The meals are always so flavorful and delicious.    

During the quarantine, we gained weight and realized we needed to commit to our health.  We chose to commit to the Clean Food Crush 30 Day Challenge after two years of following them on Facebook!  My husband and I decided to be each other’s accountability partners and take control of our health.

On May 25, our lives changed for the better! 

I lost 8 lbs. the first week and 16 lbs. the first month.  My husband lost weight too.  We were hooked.  We felt so much better!  Since we were off work during the summer, we could commit to the new lifestyle and eat until we were satisfied! 

We are almost completing our 6th month, and I have lost a total of 36 lbs.  My husband has lost 30 lbs. 

Since I have started the challenge, I have not had a vertigo episode and the ringing in my ear has improved.  Yay! 

We feel better, we look younger, and we are still Crushing!

Our favorite meals are Chicken Tortilla Soup and Spicy Pumpkin Chili!  Since we have gone back to campus, we can cook these easy meals (and many others) on any given Sunday and take them for lunch.  My husband is a great cook and loves to grill on his Trager.  He cooks all our meat on the weekends and we eat that for dinner the entire week.  We always like to add a mix of freshly cooked vegetables, salad with our rice or sweet potato.  This system of prepared food works best for us.  Occasionally, we add dessert to our menu!  Oh, how we love the Grainless Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins and the Double Dark Chocolate Brownies.

Starting this challenge was the best thing for us! 

Facebook Support is outstanding during that first month.  They answer questions, regardless of how simple they are.  It is a mind shift and process to understand what we should buy and what can work and the team supports us when needed.  We share pictures and other members inspire me to try new dishes.  The team members give us amazing cooking tips, packing tricks, and all the love and support we need.  We are in our sixth month and we still get support and praise from the team.  Now that’s SUPPORT!

– Margie

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