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31Oct, 18
Rachel Maser's Mindset Rules for Clean Eating Weight Loss
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You already know that Clean Eating and changing some of your habits will help you lose weight. But one thing that often gets overlooked is mindset! The mind is powerful, and our doubts, fears or negative beliefs can inhibit our success.

Whether you’re already on the journey, or you’re just about to begin, these 3 golden mindset rules will support you in achieving your weight loss goals!

CleanFoodCrush Weight Loss Inspiration

1. Get Clear on Your WHY

Do you know what’s driving you to lose weight? Write it down. If your goal is simply to look better, that’s ok, but usually, there’s more to it! How do you want to feel? What do you want to experience by having a healthier, lighter body?

When you write down the way you want to feel and how reaching your goals will positively impact your life and future, there’s more to keep you going when it gets tough.

Write out a list of reasons you want to lose weight and adopt a Clean Eating lifestyle and post it up somewhere as a daily reminder.

Clean Eating Rules for Weight Loss

2. Think in Possibility

It’s ok to have doubts and fears, that’s perfectly normal! However, if all you have is doubt, you won’t get very far. Thinking in possibility means whenever your mind goes to “I can’t”, you immediately counter that thought with “It’s possible”… you’re creating space in your mind for the magic to happen! Positive reinforcement helps build new thought patterns that feel supportive for growth.

It can help to write down positive affirmations and post them up on your fridge or bathroom mirror. Surround yourself with positive messages and ask friends and family to encourage you!

Here are a few affirmations you can write down:

“I am strong”
“I am capable of reaching my goals”
“I love taking care of my body”
“My body is on my side”
“I am beautiful just the way I am”

Instead of telling yourself that you’ll only be beautiful, attractive, or worthy when you reach your goals, remind yourself DAILY that you are already beautiful, worthy and capable! This is so much more empowering and makes the journey 10X more enjoyable for you and anyone you spend time with.

Clean Food Crush Weight Loss Motivation

3. Be Gentle with Yourself

Remember this one, because it’s everything! When you fall off the wagon, get back on but don’t spend time beating yourself up. Clean Eating is not about perfection, and there is truly no such thing!

We create stress in our bodies when we are hard on ourselves and talk badly about our bodies. The mind will look for ways to throw you off track, so remember when it happens that the most important thing is that you don’t give up.

Sometimes we have hard days, eat too much, or eat things that are outside of the plan. In the aftermath, we can either use that as an excuse to give up, eat more junk, or practice extra self-care. Create an action plan for what positive actions you’ll take if you hit a bump in the road. Doing some meal-prep so you’re more prepared in the future, packing Clean snacks on your next outing, and drinking more water are all positive ways to reinforce your new lifestyle and get right back to achieving your goals!

Having a supportive community can be immensely helpful in this process. I created the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge which includes private Facebook group support from me and my team. This may be the perfect option for you if you need a place to receive positive encouragement and feedback on a daily basis! 

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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