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27Sep, 18
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6 Health Benefits of a Clean Eating Lifestyle!

Clean Eating crowds out the ‘bad’ food and unhealthy stuff with the good. Rather than focusing on what not to eat, we fill our plates with nutritious, whole, and delicious foods. We create a practical and constructive lifestyle rather than a negativity-focused crash diet by focusing on adding new foods and enjoying nutritional meals. Plus, eating recipes, you love can help rewire your taste buds and form new associations to a nutrient-rich diet.

Clean Eating has become a popular lifestyle because of the many health benefits. Diets are draining and stress-inducing, which can cause problems later on. Contrarily, you can adopt Clean Eating and sustain it for a lifetime.

Here are 6 ways Clean Eating can benefit your health:

1 – Natural Weight Loss

Would you rather lose 10 pounds in a week and gain it back in a few months, or lose 10 pounds in a month and keep it off for good?

This is where Clean Eating wins every time. It naturally helps to lower blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism because you consume less sugar and more protein while eating on a more consistent schedule. Weight loss naturally occurs when stress hormones in the body are low and you’re getting enough nutrition.

2 – More Energy

We live in a time when fatigue has become a chronic issue. Caffeine and sugar are vices, but these can negatively impact our adrenals, hormones, and overall health when consumed in excess. Hydrating and eating balanced meals throughout the day can be enough to feel a dramatic energy shift.

3 – Fewer Cravings

Cravings happen when gut bacteria is out of balance. Taking probiotics, eating naturally probiotic-rich foods, and consuming plenty of fiber can help balance your gut bacteria and create a healthier gut.

When you first adopt a Clean Eating lifestyle, you’ll have to go through a “detox phase.” This is naturally built into the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, which we’ve designed to help you kick sugar cravings for good and create a sustainable path to weight loss and more energy naturally.

4 – Better Sleep

Eating heavy meals or sugar before bed can ruin sleep. Also, quality sleep can be damaged by drinking too much caffeine or alcohol and consuming foods that put stress on our organ systems, like fried and preservative-heavy packaged foods.

In addition to the impact these foods have on digestion, they’re also infamous for raising inflammation markers in the body, leading to poor sleep quality and quantity. You’d be surprised how many people report having a deeper sleep and even kicking their sleep disorders by adopting a healthier diet. Here’s Jennifer’s review of how she healed her anxiety and insomnia with Clean Eating.

5 – Clearer Skin

You know those people who look healthy and just seem to GLOW? Chances are, they’re eating clean!

Our skin responds to our internal environment. When we eat foods that cause inflammation, our skin is more prone to breakouts and other skin issues like eczema. If you want to have glowing skin, drink more water (at least 1-2 liters per day), and add more healthy fats and protein to your diet. Consuming more veggies provides you with the fiber your body needs to flush out excess toxins rather than recirculating them through your system.

6 – Balanced Mood

Diet significantly impacts mood and mental health. We have a ton of neurotransmitters in our gut that respond to the nutrients we digest. If you struggle with mood dips, it might be due to low blood sugar or a nutrient deficiency. Supplementing with Omega 3, drinking plenty of fluids, and ensuring that you’re consuming high-quality cuts of meat like chicken and fish regularly are all going to support your mental and physical health.

These 6 health rewards are just a few of the dozens of Clean Eating benefits!

A well-rounded, healthy, and sustainable diet can also lower health risks and strengthen the immune system. What I’m saying is, Clean Eating is extraordinarily beneficial and even vital to living a healthy and happy life!

Need support making the transition? Try our 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge and get the daily support you need from my team and me!

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