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6Mar, 23

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps COMPLETELY DELICIOUS, protein-packed, Caesar “Salad” wrap idea so you can turn your favorite Caesar salad into a more substantial meal. If you love Caesar Dressing as much as we do, then prepare to be absolutely delighted! Our homemade Caesar dressing recipe is beyond SPECTACULAR and my favorite salad dressing recipe currently. Read More!

17Mar, 18
Skinny BLT Avocado Wraps CleanFoodCrush

Skinny BLT Avocado Wraps Pretty much my favorite thing EVER invented. Well ok, besides my kids…and my fiance…maybe our dog too…but…a girls gotta eat! Lunchtime, snacks, breakfast (add an egg!) …whatever…I’m happy! And since it contains those good avocado fats, we feel totally satisfied afterwards! Makes 3 servings  Ingredients: 3 large slices of crisp iceberg Read More!

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