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16May, 22
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Rebecca Lost 15 Pounds In Two Months!

My name is Rebecca. I’m a 41-year-old wife and mom to three children ages 11, 8, and 6. My husband and I are missionaries who have lived in Okinawa, Japan, for the past eight years. I love making memories with my husband and kids, coffee dates with friends, being outdoors (enjoying the lovely beaches here!), reading, photography, music, Barre3 exercise classes, and traveling. 

My greatest obstacles to eating healthy were my strong addictions to and cravings for sugary and processed foods (especially with kids in the house–there are almost always treats around!). I’d tried several other programs over the past few years (21-Day Fix, Whole 30, and Noom) which taught me about nutrition and I considered myself a balanced/healthy eater overall but was having a hard time getting down to a healthier weight. I also really didn’t like being so addicted to sugar. I was feeling lethargic most afternoons and struggling to sleep well. The idea of clean eating appealed to me, but it also felt really overwhelming and unattainable. 

I first started following CFC in the fall of 2021. A friend shared a recipe via Facebook, I tried it out and loved it, so I found the CFC website and public Facebook group and started trying out more of Rachel’s recipes. I joined the March 30-Day Challenge and also did the challenge in April.

During my first month, I lost 11 pounds! In my second month, I lost 4 more, so a total of 15 pounds; about halfway to my goal weight. 

I’m sticking with this clean-eating lifestyle because I’m seeing results, I feel great, and it’s so much easier than I thought it would be!

My two favorite recipes are the Chicken Detox Soup (that was the first CFC recipe I tried!) and the Banana Pancakes!  I’m nine weeks into the program, so I’ve tried many CFC recipes and almost all of them have been huge hits with my husband and three kids! I love how many recipes there are to choose from, how easy they are, and how delicious they are! 

My experience with the CleanFoodCrush Challenge has been 100% positive. Not only am I consistently losing weight in a healthy way, but I’m feeling so much better throughout the day! I don’t have that “afternoon slump” I used to, my energy levels feel consistent, I’m sleeping better, and my sugar cravings are almost completely gone! 

It’s the best program I’ve tried and it truly feels sustainable because I’m receiving an education in addition to the encouragement and practical advice/guidance. Rachel, the CFC coaches, and the CFC community make it easy to stay on track and give myself grace as I’m adjusting to a different lifestyle: making healthy food choices each day.

I’m so happy I started the 30-Day Challenge, and I believe you will be too. It’s worth the financial investment because of the incredible education, encouragement, and support you receive that you will carry with you the rest of your life. Stick to the program and you will see results; physically, mentally, and emotionally. The first few weeks were challenging for me, but it keeps getting easier and easier!

– Rebecca

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