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9Jan, 20
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When it comes to Clean Eating, there are a few principles we LIVE by. One is that we give our body what it needs to thrive, so we can eliminate our cravings and enjoy ourselves.

Eating more protein is an easy way to improve your health – from increased strength, faster recovery, more energy, and freedom from sugar addiction.

Contrary to popular myth, if you have healthy kidneys, more protein is not bad! But be sure to check with your doctor if you have any kidney conditions.

Read on to learn 6 ways eating more protein is good for your health!


1. Helps You Lose Weight Naturally

Eating more protein can help you shed those extra unwanted pounds! Protein reduces grehlin, also known as “the hunger hormone”. Studies have shown that people who consume more protein also get a boost in petite yy levels, which is a hormone that helps you feel full. This creates the perfect conditions for fat loss to occur.

2. Makes Your Bones Stronger

Protein can help you maintain bone mass as you age, and help your body stay strong and protected from issues like osteoporosis. Not only that, but animal-based proteins are also rich in other minerals – vital for our health.

3. Improves Health

Animal proteins are often rich in minerals, and omega 3 fatty acids. Foods like grass-fed beef and salmon are two excellent sources of omega 3 which is well known for protecting our brains and keeping our hormones balanced. When you’re living a Clean Eating lifestyle, chances are, you’ll naturally get more protein and experience increased energy levels, less mental fog, and a boost in strength too!

4. Balances Blood Sugar

A diet with more protein naturally becomes a diet with fewer carbs. By minimizing your intake of starches, bread, and sugar and increasing your intake of protein, your blood sugar will stabilize. This means fewer energy crashes and late-night cravings, less fatigue overall along with better mental clarity.

5. Helps You Kick the Sugar Cravings

When your body has what it needs, it stops seeking nutritionally empty, sugar-rich sources of food. Due to our survival mechanisms, when we are really hungry, our brains will trigger us to crave the quickest and easiest source of energy – yes, that includes white sugar. In order to manage our sugar cravings, we need to be diligent in nourishing ourselves with enough protein throughout the day to prevent blood sugar spikes and ward off those cravings. With consistent effort toward Clean Eating, we can rewire our cravings for good!

6. Helps You Recover Faster

As the building block of our muscles and tissues, protein is especially important for recovery. Those who consume more protein are able to recover faster after a workout, physical exertion or injury.


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