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6May, 21
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10 Benefits of Getting Outside

With the weather getting better, my family and I have been getting outside so much more. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sunshine on a warm day after months enduring (or even enjoying!) cold weather, don’t you agree? Being outdoors gives an instant lift to my mood. 

It turns out there’s a reason for that! Spending time outdoors isn’t just fun; it’s actually incredibly beneficial to your overall health. The way we interact with nature and how much time we spend outside, both exercising and just enjoying all it has to offer, will reflect in our health status.

Outside magazine has even referred to this as the “Nature Cure” and called it a free, miracle drug. In fact, many doctors are writing “Nature Prescriptions” and suggesting their patients go outside as their form of therapy and treatment for countless health problems, including obesity, mental health issues, and chronic illnesses.

Why is this? What exactly are the advantages that his remedy has to offer?

Here are Just 10 benefits for Getting Outside and Personal with Mother Nature. 


Often, a sluggish day can be cured by a dose of what I like to call “Vitamin N” (as in Nature). Like a delicious cup of coffee, spending 20 minutes breathing in fresh air gives your brain an energy boost. Studies show your body burns more calories while outdoors, and the sunlight raises serotonin levels, which, in turn, increases your energy. 


It can feel so much easier to exercise outside, which is due to many different factors. Along with the energy boost, the mood booster of being surrounded by flourishing surroundings can make exercise more fun and seemingly easier. 

In addition, exposure to sunlight can help mitigate pain. With less pain, of course, exercising would feel easier! 


Vitamin N (Nature) is a fantastic remedy for mental health issues.

Anxiety, depression, and anger are notably decreased after spending time outdoors due to the boost of serotonin and breath of fresh air. Enjoying nature can reduce stress-related hormones, blood pressure, and adrenaline. Plus, the aromatherapy of spelling freshly cut grass, trees, flowers, etc. can make you feel calmer and more relaxed.


Ever heard of the sunshine vitamin? It’s affectionally referred to that way for an excellent reason! Vitamin D is created from the fresh sun on the skin when you’re outside and is essential for a well-functioning body. This vitamin helps you absorb calcium, prevent osteoporosis, reduce inflammation, and reduce depression. 

Growing a garden is a great way to get some sunshine and vitamin D… plus so many more vitamins from what you grow! This Marinated Garden Tomato + Cucumber Summer Salad is something you can grow yourself.  Sunshine POWERUP!


Many studies show that spending time with Mother Nature helps improve and restore your focus. The outdoors gives your brain a break from all that drains you mentally, physically, and emotionally. With the reduction of stress and increase of energy, focusing becomes so much easier. 


Plants release these fun little chemicals called phytoncides, increasing the level of white blood cells in your body. These are essential in fighting infections and diseases and helping us heal quicker. Research shows those who spend more time outdoors recover quicker, take fewer painkillers, and have fewer medical complications.

This CFC Healing Turmeric Chicken Soup is another way to naturally boost immunity!


Need a little help getting in touch with your creative side? Try ditching your screens and connect with nature! The relaxation that comes with being in the outdoors helps the creative juices flow. And the increased focus definitely helps restore attention and improve creativity. This can also be incredibly beneficial to raising your self-esteem


There are many natural ways to increase your quality and amount of sleep, and one of the most important is spending time outside. Sleep is crucial for physical and mental health, so anything that helps improve it will help improve your overall health. 

The outdoors helps regulate body temperature and the circadian rhythm, which improves sleep quality. So if you’re struggling to snooze, try spending some time outside every day.


Nature and sunlight help lower aches and pains, which improves mobility in the elderly. However, aging gracefully doesn’t just include the physical aspects, which is helped with the immune system boost, lower pain, and better sleep. It also involves the mental and societal elements. According to many psychologists, nature exposure helps lower societal pressures, allowing us to be better people, value essential aspects of life such as relationships and community.


Last but certainly not least, being outside can improve eyesight! Studies show children who spend more time outdoors are less likely to be nearsighted and have a lower chance of myopia. Low temperatures also cause the blood vessels to constrict, which causes vision changes and blurriness. So, spending time in the warmth outside can help avoid this. 

There are many other benefits of spending time outdoors, but there are just ten important ones! 

I hope some of these encourage you to enjoy Mother Nature, whether you’re exercising, taking your dogs for a walk, or just enjoying a picnic

What is the most important reason you like to go outside? 

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