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29Dec, 18
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Here we are! Almost in 2019 and feeling so grateful for my family, and the extended CleanFoodCrush family… (psst, that’s YOU!)

How are you, my friend? I hope your spirits are high and your goals are set 🙂

We’re gearing up for an incredible year with the wonderful women and men my team and I support inside the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge groups.

Every year, we put together our MOST popular articles and I gotta say, this list is FULL of great information to give you a head start if you’re planning to make some healthy lifestyle changes in your household this year.

❤ Rachel

What is Clean Eating

1. What is Clean Eating? How to Eat Clean 

Clean Eating is a way of eating and living that will improve your health and life in every way from inflammation, to weight loss. But how does it work? And how do you make it work for you? Here’s how to get a stress-free start.

2. 30 Ways to Eliminate Inflammation Through Clean Eating

Things that contribute to inflammation are lifestyle or environmental factors such as excess weight, a diet low in nutrients, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, pollution, toxic beauty products, poor oral health, and heavy alcohol consumption.

The good news is since much of chronic inflammation is due to personal lifestyle choices there are things you can do about it!  Here are some tips to reduce and eliminate inflammation in the body and get to feeling good again.

Soda water lime prevents weight gain and inflammation

3 . 8 Weight Loss and Inflammation Tips that Actually Work 

Environmental factors, such as weight gain, a poor diet lacking fruits and vegetables, or over-consumption of processed foods and sugar, lack of activity, ongoing severe stress, air pollution, excessive alcohol, smoking, or excessive prescription drug consumption can lead to chronic inflammation.

SO where does one even begin to reverse this process?

Here are 8 SIMPLE tips to reduce the inflammation and lose the weight (That actually work!)

Clean Eating Meal Prep Made Easy4. Clean Eating Meal Prep Made Easy with these Affordable Kitchen Tools

When it comes to Clean Eating, learning how to meal-prep is essential, especially if you want to lose weight!

In the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge we give you all of the plans, recipes and support you need to succeed…

If you’re thinking about joining OR you just want to give a few of our recipes a try but don’t quite have the kitchen tools you need yet, take a look at this list.

Rachel Food Prep for Eating Clean5. Take a Peek Inside the Fridge of Rachel Maser, Founder of CleanFoodCrush

There is very little waste at our house because we send lunches and snacks with everyone to work and school, I eat at home throughout the day, run a full-time food blog, we do not eat fast food, and we place a HUGE importance on healthy, REAL, high-quality food.

6. 4 Clean Eating Tips to Jump Start Your Mornings! 

Clean Eating is a sustainable lifestyle that naturally promotes weight loss, more energy and a healthier body all while LOVING what you eat!

These morning tips are little ways to get yourself going on the right track in the morning and jump-start your day.

It’s all of the little things that add up and equal SUCCESS.

7. Your Clean Eating Guide to Reading Food Labels at the Grocery Store

Going Clean and having a panic attack in the grocery store aisle? Don’t stress! I promise you, this transition is easier than you might think.

At first, there’s so much to learn and it can feel overwhelming –  that’s where the CleanFoodCrush team has your back. While the basics of Clean Eating are to eat real, whole and unprocessed foods, there will still come a time when you find yourself in the land of packaged foods and aren’t sure what’s healthy and what’s not.

Below are some of the most important things to look out for when you’re reading a label. You can even bookmark this article and bring it with you to the grocery store!

Healthy Lemon Lime Water8. 7 Clean Eating Tips for Weight Loss 

Losing weight can be a confusing process, but it doesn’t have to be! There are ways to gently help your body move into the fat-burning state more easily. Without forcing yourself to exercise like a maniac or count calories down to the last crumb, you’re able to relearn new ways of interacting with food that will help you drop extra weight and keep it off.

Clean Eating isn’t a gimmick, it’s a simple philosophy that encompasses eating real food, avoiding overly processed junk that’s proven to be bad for your body and reducing your inflammation so your body can do its job more efficiently.

CleanFoodCrush Hummus + Crunchy Veggies Snack Jars

9. 8 Ways to Make Your Clean Eating Habits Stick 

Consistency is paramount when you’re building up your Clean Eating habits. Here are 8 tips that will help you ease into a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Clean Eating Meal Prep Made Easy

10. 7 Ways to Make Clean Eating Meal Prep Easy!

Got Clean Eating goals? With a little planning, commitment and the proper support, meal prep can be EASY and make Eating Clean a pleasurable breeze.

Discover 7 ways to make meal prep easy and reach success! Strong arm emojiSprout emojiBikini emojiClapping emoji

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