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28Feb, 18
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Hey there!

How you start your day is EVERYTHING.

Clean Eating is a sustainable lifestyle that naturally promotes weight loss, more energy and a healthier body all while LOVING what you eat 🙂

These morning tips  are little ways to get yourself going on the right track in the morning and jump-start your day.

It’s all of the little things that add up and equal SUCCESS.

CleanFoodCrush Morning Jump Start Tips1. Breathe and Stretch for 5 minutes.

Even 5 minutes of stretching and deep breathing can help to oxygenate your brain and body while creating more space for movement throughout the day. A nice gentle stretch in bed helps to create flexibility in your body, which can help with chronic pain or stiffness.

Try this:

  • When you wake up, bring both of your knees to your chest and gently rock from side to side.
  • Then, relax one leg down and bring your other knee up and across your body, creating a gentle twist. Do this on both sides.
  • Then, sitting up you can straighten your legs and gently reach towards your toes – gently breathe into your edge without pushing too hard.
  • Now, legs out in front of you or legs crossed, raise both of your arms in the air and grab your left wrist with the right hand and gently lean to the right. Do this on both sides.
  • To close, take 10 deep breaths, in and out and then get out of bed to start your day!

Clean Eating Breakfast Recipe Tips2. Drink at least 2 cups of water upon rising.

Upon waking up, we’re often dehydrated from the night before. If our first instinct is to reach for caffeine, it’s unlikely we’ll get caught up by the end of day! Before anything else, drink 2 cups of room temperature purified water, and add a squeeze of lemon for an added boost. Drinking water when you wake up helps hydrate you, wakes up your brain, gets your digestive system kicked on and starts your metabolism. This is one of the highest leverage actions you can take first thing in the morning when you wake up.

Clean Skinny Buns Egg Sandwich Recipe3. Eat a Clean Breakfast!

How you start your day has a big impact on how it ends. In the morning, your body needs protein and fat to feel nourished and strong throughout the day. Eating a carb heavy meal like cereal or toast can spike your insulin, leaving you hungry again in less than an hour! Ideally, after breakfast time you shouldn’t feel hungry for at least 2 hours. Try this amazing Skinny Bun Egg Sandwich or this delicious Roasted Tomato + Asparagus Egg Bake. If you do have carbs, make sure you’re getting Clean carb sources like overnight oats that also include a source of protein.

Clean Eating Sheet Pan Orange Ginger Chicken4. Have a plan for healthy snacks and meals.

Packing a lunch if you plan to be out of the house for the day is a game-changer when it comes to Clean Eating. This ginger-orange chicken recipe is a great meal you can prep-ahead and pack for the following day. Looking for a snack idea? Try these Cheese + Fruit Bento Boxes! Make sure you have a plan for what you’ll eat for the day so you don’t wind up stuck at a fast-food window and feel disappointed in yourself. Being prepared is EVERYTHING when you’re going for a goal to Eat Clean, lose weight or have more energy. Feel like you need more support and guidance? Join us for the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge! When you join us, you’ll receive meal plans, foods to eat & avoid, and an incredibly supportive community of people who are on the same journey as you.

I hope to see you inside the private groups soon so I can support you along the way!
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