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22Feb, 18
Rachel Food Prep for Eating Clean
Clean Food Love

When it comes to Clean Eating, learning how to meal-prep is essential, especially if you want to lose weight!

In the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge we give you all of the plans, recipes and support you need to succeed…

If you’re thinking about joining OR you just want to give a few of our recipes a try but don’t quite have the kitchen tools you need yet, take a look below. 🙂 

The truth is you can get by without much at all, you don’t NEED to have it all to succeed.

BUT if you’re like me, and you want to purchase a few small items that make a big difference, this is for you.

I created a small list of some of my FAVORITE kitchen tools! These are tools you can use frequently to prep amazing, nutritious and CLEAN meals, and prep for the week for you and your fam. 

Hope you love em’ as much as I do!

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Glass Meal Food Prep Containers

1. Meal Prepping makes Clean Eating EASY! Yes, you have to get used to carving time out of your day to cook your own food, so if you’re used to eating out this will be a challenge at first. BUT as you get in the habit of doing meal prep, you’ll find your life is easier, you feel better and your waist-line agrees with your lifestyle. As for what to use for food storage and taking your meals on the go? I absolutely LOVE these Glass Meal Prep Containers.


Amazon Measuring Spoons

2. Do your recipe skills measure up? Stocking your kitchen with a quality set of Measuring Spoons will help you get the recipe right every time!

Cuisinart Knife Set Amazon

3. Having poor or dull knives when you’re shifting to Clean Eating can slow you down. I really enjoy finding inexpensive yet super functional knives like this Cuisinart Knife Set to complete my toolkit. 

Food-scale meal prep device

4. Watch Your Portions! In the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge we provide a couple options for ensuring you get your portion sizes right in the beginning. I’ve found a Digital Food Scale like this to be immensely helpful to my progress and that of my clients who take the program!

Food Prep Weighing Bowl

5. Learn to LOVE prep time! This Taylor Weighing Bowl allows you to measure out more food, faster so you can prep BIG and enjoy your day 🙂

Vremi Spatula Set

6. Cover the basics! This colorful Vremi Spatula Set was recommended by our team member Daisy! It’s super important to have all of the basics covered when you’re learning to Eat Clean and do meal prep. Simple things like a good spatula make a world of difference.

Clean Eating Turkey Zoodle Bolognese7. Less Empty Carbs, MORE Happiness! I seriously LOVE using my Spiralizer! There are so many recipes you can enjoy again by trying the Clean Eating version. Check out this recipe for my Creamy Shrimp Zoodles or these Zoodles with Fresh Avocado Sauce! Not only that, but this spiralizer has 4 blades so you can meal prep your veggies in all shapes and sizes FAST!

Rubbermaid FreshWorks Produce Saver Food Storage Container

8. Keep it FRESH and save money! Properly storing your food after prepping it, or simply chopping and washing fruits & veggies is VIP when you’re Clean Eating. I love my Rubbermaid Fresh Preserving Food Storage Containers because I don’t have to worry about the food going bad quite as fast as I would in containers without proper ventilation.

Clean Eating Sheet Pan Salmon Fajitas9. Cookies anyone!? But seriously, having a good, nonstick set of Baking Sheets on hand makes it possible for you to prep these one-sheet pan salmon fajitas, one-sheet pan italian chicken and roasted veggies and yes, Clean cookie recipes too!

GreenEarth Frying Pan Set

10. Make Meal Prep Clean-up Faster! This Green Earth Frying Pan Trio is amazing – non-toxic, non-stick and just what you’ll need to prep quickly.


GreenEarth Wok Amazon

11. BIG Batches and Quick Clean-up! This Green Earth Wok is GREAT for making big batches! You can choose between two different sizes, both are very large. Having something this size is ESSENTIAL for larger families who want to start Clean Eating hassle free. Trust me, I’m a family of 8! Meal prepping with a small pan is not an option 🙂 I also love this brand because it’s non-toxic and non-stick so I can clean-up super fast after a prep session.

Mason Jars for Overnight Oats

12. Keep it Simple! Mason Jars like these are great for overnight oats, chia pudding to go and salad in a jar!

SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

13. Keep it Clean! I love how the Soda Stream replaces pop! You can squeeze some lime and lemon into your glass and you’ve got a sparkling drink that helps reduce cravings. Drinking your calories is a big trap, so find ways to enjoy water more and reach your goals.

14. Get it Perfect with Ease! This rice cooker is loved by many of our team members and clients who want to “set it and forget it” to get the perfect rice every time. You can also steam veggies in the top, so very convenient for quick Clean Eating dinners.

30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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