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26May, 22
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5 Creative Ways to Reduce Screen Time

I’m sure you’ve heard excessive screen time can be detrimental, but maybe you’ve just brushed it off in the past. Which is fair – after all, we live in a world dominated by screens; how are we supposed to avoid them? 

While we may not be able to avoid all these devices entirely, there are many ways we can cut down on the amount of time we spend staring at a phone, computer, or television screen. Check some out below!

1) Eat Your Meals Without a Screen

It may seem next to impossible to sit down for a meal and not turn on the television or pull up a social media app to scroll through while you eat. But intentionally making meals non-screen times is a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend staring at a screen. Make your dining room a device-free zone!

If you have a family or roommates, mealtimes are perfect opportunities to connect, talk about your days and catch up. This can help strengthen your relationships and give your eyes and brain a break from the screen. Plus, if you make it a habit to eat your meals at a table rather than on a couch in the living room, it may be easier to avoid the urge to turn on the TV.

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2) Replace Screen Time With Active Time 

Rather than waking up and instantly turning on your phone, or spending all your evening hours in front of the TV, try doing something active. Maybe do a 15-minute yoga routine in the morning or an afternoon run with your dog. Take your kids to the park, or hit the gym for some alone time.

Even if it’s something simple like a 10-minute walk, that’s time spent away from the screen and instead focused on your physical and mental health. It’ll give your eyes a break and help you feel healthier overall.

3) Set Time Limits

It’s tough to avoid screen time altogether in this day and age. Most of our jobs involve computer time, we all pretty much have smartphones, schools are going digital, and everywhere we look, there’s a TV. And while we can’t avoid it altogether, we can limit how much extra time we spend staring at a screen.

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Instead of coming home and sitting in front of the TV for several hours, maybe limit it to one or two. Don’t scroll through social media during your lunch break! Try reading or talking with friends, or enjoying the outdoors. Set timers on your phone for short 30-minute or 1-hour segments if you need to. When the timer goes off, put down your phone or shut off the TV. You deserve the break!

If needed, download a free app that aids in reducing screen time and staying present! 

4) Take Small Breaks Throughout The Day

Similar to the last one, this comes in handy for people who spend most of their day on the computer or staring at some type of screen for their jobs. Giving your eyes and brain a break from the screen is essential.

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Take short 5-10 minutes breaks throughout your day. Meditate, go for a short walk, or just close your eyes if you can, but give yourself a few breaks, so you’re not exhausted by the end of the day. Plus, giving your brain short breaks can help it focus more on the tasks at hand, improving your productivity!

5) Make Your Bedroom Screen-Free

This one may be difficult, but the pros far outweigh the cons. First, watching TV or being on your phone right before bed has been proven to disrupt your sleeping patterns, keeping you from restful nights. Plus, the longer you have the TV on, the longer you stay awake, further cutting into your sleep schedule. Removing a television from your room is a significant first step, but make sure you’re also conscious about your phone use before bed. The same blue light from TVs is also on your phone, so opting to read or meditate before bed, rather than scrolling feeds, is better for your eyes and sleep patterns.

In the world we live in, screens are truly everywhere. It’s important for your physical and emotional health to find moments to spend away from devices. Plus, this gives you time to replace with more beneficial activities.

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Whether it’s spending more time with your family and friends or spending time focusing on yourself, reducing screen time can significantly benefit your overall health.

Try some of these tips today and see how they help! 

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