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25Mar, 16
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Health food enthusiasts rave about its amazing properties. It has carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Honey offers such a wide variety of benefits that it’s been dubbed as ‘liquid gold’ – a salute to its color and the many treasures it holds as a health food.

Here’s a quick list of why honey should definitely make it to your must-have-in-the-pantry list.

5 Reasons Why Raw Honey is an Ideal Sweetener:

1. Honey helps increase your energy levels.

Every once in a while, you might want to replace your cup of coffee with a tablespoon of raw, organic honey to get that energy boost you need to start your day right. It would also work great with your lemon water! Since it is unprocessed, it contains the kind of sugars that you actually need and none of those that your body can do without. Honey has the kind and amount of calorie and carbohydrate content that makes it a recommendable energy booster.

Many nutritionists suggest to take it before an exercise routine, and you’ll get to enjoy the added energy throughout the length of your workout as it works its way through your bloodstream.

If you usually reach out for something sweet (and calorie-laden) to get your energy boost, try getting yourself a tablespoon of honey instead.

2. Honey gives your immune system a boost.

If you live a really busy life, your body can really take a beating. With so much stress and environmental factors to consider nowadays, eating healthy is a must, and supplementing your diet with natural food items that help boost your immune system is a necessity.

Honey has a natural probiotic called Lactobacillus kunkeei which according to scientific research allows the body’s immune system to function more efficiently. It also helps your body have more bifidobacteria, which is necessary for a healthy intestinal tract and to enable your body to fight illnesses more effectively.

Fresh honey

3. Honey helps you deal with your allergies.

Seasonal allergies are a health conundrum that plague many – sometimes they’re mild that you can simply ignore them, other times they flare up and make everyday life very difficult.

How do you make sure allergies won’t be a problem for you?

Adding some local honey to your diet just might be the solution.

It works like this: raw honey that’s made locally will get your body introduced and accustomed to the pollens most commonly found in your area. This will trigger the production of antibodies, which gets your body ready to ‘fight’ the onslaught of pollens that usually cause your allergic reactions.

And as discussed earlier, the boost it gives your immune system will make it easier for you to deal with allergy symptoms.

4. Honey helps soothe your throat.

Normally, anything sweet and sticky will wreak havoc on an already scratchy or painful throat. Raw honey however, despite its consistency and taste, actually promises relief for sore throat and bad coughs. It coats your throat, which helps relieve pain, and its antibacterial properties and antioxidant contents kick in, which eventually enables your body to fight off your illness.

If your cough or sore throat does come with other symptoms though (fever, colds, body pain, etc.) make sure to consult your doctor. Honey is also not recommended for children below one year old, as it can cause botulism poisoning which can cause paralysis. Children of that age do not yet have the natural defenses to fight off the spores that causes botulism.

5. Honey helps you with your weight loss efforts.

Surprisingly, this sweet addition to your diet can prove to be very helpful with your weight loss efforts. It helps curb your cravings for calorie and bad carbohydrate-laden food, while still enabling you to enjoy the ‘sweet satisfaction’ of its natural taste. It also improves your digestion, and in turn, your metabolism.

For best results, use it with your warm lemon water in the morning, and get to enjoy a refreshing drink that’s also good for your health.

The Health Benefits of Raw Honey https://cleanfoodcrush.com/5-reasons-to-eat-honey/

Honey can give your days sweet beginnings and even sweet endings – literally and figuratively.

Take it as it is (one tablespoon of raw, organic honey a day) or use it in your smoothies and salads.

There are a lot of ways to satisfy your palate with honey!

Here are some recipes on Cleanfoodcrush:

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