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26May, 19

{NEW} Bacon Wrapped Asparagus 🌱 Asparagus season is still going strong here in Utah. Fresh, crisp in-season asparagus is my FAVORITE! Adding bacon..whoa! What a spectacular fun combination to enjoy on occasion! Early Springtime, to early Summer, is the perfect time of year to enjoy some fresh asparagus! We actually enjoy handpicked asparagus grown every year more »

3May, 19

  {NEW} Homemade Pico De Gallo 🍅🌮🌶 This homemade pico is a steadfast part of our family all Summer long! That magical season when big, red, sun-ripened tomatoes are hanging from the vines and crisp jalapenos are plentiful! At our house, we typically plant an entire garden bed to facilitate the making of fresh pico every more »