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16Mar, 21
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Meet Nikki and Her Husband Tate, Who Lost over 60 Pounds in Six Weeks with CleanFoodCrush!

Hello, my name is Nikki I am 48 years old and my husband Tate is 52. We have been happily married for 25 years and are blessed with 3 children 2 boys and a girl Jake (25), Macie Jo (23) and Caleb (19).

My husband works as a certified instrument tech, and I have a small daycare I operate from our home.  My daughter and I also have a small craft/t-shirt business called M&N gifts. God is a priority in our family; my husband is a leader in our church and I am the Children’s Ministry Director. My husband and I love to camp, and we recently purchased a camper so we can be out in nature more. We also love to travel.  We love to play card games and board games as a family, and we enjoy spending time with our children and friends when we can.

In 2019 I stumbled across a recipe from Rachel’s CleanFoodCrush Facebook Page the Green Pepper Soup, and I made it for dinner.  I started looking at more recipes and for that entire year, my husband and I dabbled in recipes from Rachel’s Facebook page.   During that time, my husband lost 35 lbs and I lost 50 lbs in a year.

Then, we got a bit lazy and slowly got back into unhealthy eating habits.

January 2021 was huge for us, I approached my husband and said I really would like to do the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge. I had been praying about it for a while and with Covid + being stuck at home –  I had put on nearly 30 lbs, and he had put back on his weight also.

We made that big step when we joined the 30 Day Challenge on January 21st.  We went grocery shopping and prepped together and prepared our weekly meals, and we were all in.

My husband dropped 13 lbs during the 30 Day Challenge, and I dropped 16lbs.

I started in a size 18-20 jeans and I am now in a size 15 jeans.  We ended our challenge on February 21st, but we have been clean eating and moving forward with healthy choices.

In 6 Weeks, I Have Lost 22.5 lbs and my Husband has Lost 38lbs.  

I would say the greatest challenge during our 30 Day sugar detox was eating out.  My parents wanted to take us to dinner. We looked at the menu ahead of time like Rachel suggests and knew ahead of time what we were going to order, my dad is huge into ordering appetizers so that was a challenge, but we did it together and we resisted. We both returned home and felt good about our choices.  

My greatest challenge before clean eating was definitely snacking, and stress eating all hours of the day. I am now able to funnel out the stress eating with other activities and if we are wanting a snack, we choose from Rachel’s healthy options.  My husband’s biggest challenge was taking himself off of sugary sweets, and he has always been a meat and potatoes guy. 

Through our Clean Eating Challenge, our transformation has gone from doing nothing but watching TV in our recliners at night, to riding the stationary bike and exercising together.  Now that the weather is getting warmer I am motivated to go out and walk longer miles, in fact, I was able to run down the street which I never would have attempted before the Clean Eating Challenge.

Starting this 30 Day Challenge is not easy, it is a change of lifestyle.  Keep pushing yourself because your results are worth it, you will have more energy and feel better physically and mentally.  You will definitely have ups and downs during the detox and you may be tired.  Make sure you are listening to your body and rest when you need to. What makes this different than any other eating plan is the delicious recipes and the way they are prepared so full of spices I never thought I would ever use.

Our favorite recipes are the Chicken Capers in the Crockpot and the Unstuffed Egg Rolls. My husband loves eating the Overnight Oats for his snack at work and it satisfies his sweet tooth.  My son loves the Shrimp Corn Chowder and asks for it weekly. 

I think the best thing about this challenge is my son has seen his mom and dad transform themselves through our clean eating.  He is addicted to soda and yesterday he told me when I do my next challenge in March he is going to give up his soda.

After our 30 Day Challenge I took my detox one step further I noticed on Rachel’s site the 3 Day Detox Challenge. I thought why not it’s only 3 days and I was able to drop my additional 3.6 lbs which brought me down to the 20.5 lbs I have lost in the 6 weeks.  The 3 Day Detox definitely has been worth it for me. I have fallen in love with the morning cocktail and it is going to be my staple in the morning.

I have noticed my clothes fitting looser and I have way more energy. 

Thank you Rachel for following your heart and putting this program together, and thank you to all the moderators that support and help move you forward through this program. I’m so grateful that we decided to take that first step. 

God Bless,

– Nikki

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